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My Identity 15 July 2021: My Identity update Thursday 15th July 2021 Avni saying how did police come here. Vidyut asks Neil is his doubt right, as Neo didn’t come. Neela asks jailer to call Avni, she has to meet Avni. Jailer goes to the cell and doesn’t find Avni. Avni says it is impossible for me to run today, I have to stop possible from coming here. 

Ali asks Avni to go back. Avni gets hit by a water pipe knob. Vidyut says I will help you before leaving, you saved me and my truck from Neo, I m thinking to help you catch Neo, we will go for the charity function if he doesn’t come. He counts…. Avni rotates the knob. Neil thinks I can’t let Vidyut win, it will be defeat of goodness. The water starts sprinkling on the truck. Neil laughs. Vidyut shouts and gets angry. Neil thanks Neela for saving Neil and Neo. Neil asks the staff to check if Neo has come. Vidyut gets shocked. The man says all the goods got destroyed. Neil says Neo accepted your challenge and ruined everything on your counting, he fooled you and went, I mean he has fooled all of us, I will not leave Neo.

Avni says I have to reach jail before they find me. Vidyut says I will kill this Neo. Avni thinks I will not lose. Jailer looks for Avni. Constable says Avni is not here. Avni comes back in the cell. Neela waits for her. Jailer finds Avni unconscious and hurt. Constables take her. Neela shouts seeing Avni. Jailer asks Avni how did she reach bathroom. Avni lies. She feels sorry and promises to do something good for that constable. Jailer asks Neela to meet Avni, she has just 10 mins. Neela cries. Avni says I m fine. Neela says I have lost, I couldn’t do anything for you. Avni says you are best mum in the world, I couldn’t become your good daughter, I m yours, I m a fighter, right? Neela says yes. Avni says you would leave in some time, will you sing Aisha Maa’s lullaby please. Neela sings Aa leke chalun… Avni recalls Aisha and cries. She sings along. Neela hugs her.

Neil gets hurt. He asks Neela to give medicines to Avni, she would be hurt, she is stubborn. Neela asks him not to hurt himself, it was their decision. He says I don’t want to leave her alone, I want to go to her. She asks him to see, Lord is with them, so this miracle happened, someone came as Neo and helped us, you have seized Vidyut’s good, the report will come that its drugs, you can take his confession that Avni is innocent, once she gets free, you both will stay together. Neil says if you were with Avni, who has done this, Avni’s gang. She says no, they didn’t know anything, they just had to get tanker there and wait for me. Neil says then who helped me….

Its morning, Avni meets Ali. He says Neela has sent these medicines for you, how did you get hurt, our plan has to be delayed. She says no, I will do as decided. He says fine, Neela has sent poha for you. She eats. Constable says outside food is not allowed. Avni says its fine. She asks him to be ready and wait outside. Sunehri says I have decided, I will buy a makeup kit for myself, I will find a nice guy like Ali, I will plan my wedding, we both will love each other. Avni says love is just meaningless, you will get betrayed, he will doubt you, he will question you and ask you not to cross the line. Mausi says Maan Dixit called Preeti for work, he asked me to leave. Tara says he is son of a big politician, he is bad, how did he come here.

Neil and DD reach Panvel. Neil checks himself. Avni reads news about Maan. She hears about Preeti’s duty. Preeti cleans the storeroom. Maan reaches her and handcuffs her. He misbehaves. Neil and DD jump in the pipeline and check the knob. Neil asks DD to get blueprint of this area. He sees the jail uniform cloth. He says when Neela met Avni, she was drenched, this means Avni was here last night, is she trying to escape.

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