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My Identity 27 May 2021: Avni is thinking about Neil. She sees Neil and gets glad. They hug. Hawayein….plays…. She then sees Juhi with Neil and gets sad. Neil imagines Avni. Neil talks to Bebe how Avni came in his life as a case. She asks is it wrong to love Avni, he didn’t know Juhi will come back. He asks what will I tell Juhi. Bebe says just truth, will you be able to keep a lie. Avni tries to call. Neela wishes they get Avni. Avni asks Amol to tell Neil not to come Jaguda. The goon asks what are you doing here.

Neil enters Rangmahal. He sees a normal place with old people. Madan says Avni made call to Amol and asked him to tell Neil not to come Jaguda. Neil asks constables did they find anything. Avni, Juhi and other girls are tied up. Neil says they have erased all the proofs, don’t know where they have kept the girls. Neil asks constables to check every room. Avni tries to reach Neil. She shouts to Neil. She tries to come out of the secret chamber. Neil passes by. Amol and other goon catch Avni. Avni gets shocked seeing Amol. Amol signs Dayaben. He makes Avni faint by chloroform.

Neil says I m sure Avni was here. DD says we have checked the place well. Neil keeps the idol back. He hears the senior. Senior scolds Neil. Gurumaa complains about Neil. She says I have lost my mum because of him. Senior says this is an old age home, not any human trafficking centre. Gurumaa lies that she has gone to meet her ill mum. Senior says Ragini j took my permission and went to meet her mum. Gurumaa says my mum got to know I was in jail, she got a huge shock and died. Ballu takes disguise and comes there. The goons get Avni on stretcher. Gurumaa says Maa and cries. Senior says there will be enquiry against you. Neil gets shocked.

Avni gets semi conscious and looks on. Neela and Madan also arrive. Neil asks how can you suspend me, this woman runs trafficking. Ballu says Neil is married, but he is finding her ex lover, he thinks that girl is here, so he wanted the warrant. Neil gets angry on him. Senior asks him not to raise hand on anyone. Gurumaa and her goons smile. Avni thinks Amol has cheated me. Shweta says I don’t know how is Neil. Riya comes and asks them to know what Avni did. Bebe asks her why did she come again to break the peace. Riya says Avni has broken the peace, Neil got suspended because of her.

Prakash asks what nonsense. Riya says you can watch the breaking news on tv. Shweta cries. Riya says Avni just ruins the people around her, since she married Neil, he just got ruined, today he lost his job as well, just because of Avni, its good she got punished, she has reached to such a bad place that she will not get any respect after coming back. Shweta gets angry and asks her to stop it. She warns Riya against saying anything bad. She says I admit I hate Avni, but my anger and hatred are different things, I m a woman and can’t see torture happening on other women, my mistake is I got you on my head, get out. Riya goes. Prakash hugs Shweta and consoles.

Neela gives water to Neil and asks him not to blame himself, Dayaben is behind all this conspiracy, she did the same with Avni, she framed Avni and had put her behind bars. She asks did Amol tell you that Avni called him and asked you not to come Jaguda. Neil says no, why. Neela says Amol is with Dayaben, he is cheating Avni.

Avni sees a huge spider coming towards her and gets scared. She recalls the childhood troubles. Dayaben comes to her. She threatens about Neil. She says whoever tried to make your life better, you ruined their lives, you are a poison. Avni says when you have shot me, why did I not die. Dayaben says I also wanted that, but maybe its good, Lord had to fulfill my wish this way, I will sell you tomorrow, its Dasshera tomorrow and this is Kalyug, Raavan wins. She laughs.

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