My Identity update Thursday 29 April 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 29 April 2021: My Identity update Thursday 29th April 2021, Avni meeting Ali and saying I wanted to have coffee made by you. Ali says I will get coffee stock. He sees Fatima and says Nanno, I will just come. Avni asks what happened to him. Fatima says nothing, he had an argument with customer. Fatima and Amol go. Neil comes and sees Avni. She says I just wanted to say, don’t misunderstand me, I can’t bear problems between you and Shweta, you did many favors on me. Neil says fine, did you also do favor on me by staying with me. DD says Avni was trying to tell you something. Neil asks DD to say why he called him. He angrily spoils tea. DD says I will get tea for you.

Avni says Neil did not listen to me. Amol recalls Dayaben’s words and says he is angry, you try again, come in Janmashtami function. Neil will also be there, talk to him. She refuses. He says sorry, sit. He gives her a gift and says its from my first bonus. He shows a radio and says you can hear your fav music on this. DD sees them and smiles. Amol plays radio. Aji ruthke ab…..plays…. Neil and Avni see each other. Neil starts going. Pather ke sanam…..plays… Avni comes in his way. He goes to his seat and sits. Ye ladka hai …….plays….. Avni dances with some girls and signs Neil. The guys get Neil and push him towards Avni. Everyone claps. Neil thinks of her words. Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par…..plays…… Avni cries. Amol thinks to unite them anyhow.

Dayaben says I always kept puja on Janmashtami, devotion is tested in bad times. The lady says I can’t permit you, its against jail rules. Gurumaa comes and says if you don’t allow, my rules will break, think well. She asks Dayaben to do grand preparations as she has helped pandit ji. Gurumaa says he will surely come and do dance at Krishna’s birth time, I will invite him.

My Identity 29 April 2021: Amol comes to Neela and says Avni is so worried, we should do something to make Avni and Neil patch up. Neela says don’t worry give them some time, if they meet, things can get fine. He says we should do something big. DD calls Avni and says Neil Sir…. we need help. Avni asks what happened. DD ends call. She worries for Neil and leaves from home. Neil is busy in work. DD says Neil is busy and free now, he has meeting with commissioner at night. DD gets call. Constable informs that commissioner has come. DD tells this to Neela. Neela says Avni will teach there before us. DD says I know shortcut, don’t worry. DD comes to police station and tries to stop Avni. He falls down and says I thought to take commissioner’s blessings.

Neil says I will give you blessing later. Neela and Amol stop Avni. Neela asks Avni to stop this, else Neil can get fed up. Avni asks her not to say anything. Neela says fine, do whatever you go. She goes with Amol. DD sees Avni and worries. Neil turns and sees Avni. He thinks Avni here, why did she go without meeting if she came here. Commissioner stops Neil and talks about Raghu pandit’s case. Neil looks outside. Commissioner asks where are you lost Neil. Neil says nothing. Avni walks on the road and thinks of messaging Neil. She writes sorry message. Neil gets Bebe’s message. Bebe asks him to come home on time for Janmashtami puja. Avni clears message and says meeting and talking will be right. Dayaben sees the puja arrangements in jail and says this Janmashtami will be memorable for everyone.

My Identity 29 April 2021 update: Avni asks Neela where is she going. Neela says Prakash invited me for Janmashtami puja, Amol won’t come and no use to ask you. Avni says wait, I will get ready and come. She thinks to message sorry to Neil, maybe saying sorry personally will be good. Neela says I hope Neil and Avni patch up today. Amol thinks yes, else Dadi won’t forgive me. Avni thinks to talk to Neil.

They come in puja and greet Shweta and Bebe. Shweta thinks when will I get free of her. Pandit says you can start puja now. Neil comes there and says sorry Bebe I got late. Neil and Avni see each other.


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