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My Identity 7 January 2021: My Identity update Thursday 7th January 2021, Dayaben bending to look for earring. Avni gets tensed. Ashish comes and asks what happened. Dayaben says Neela’s earring fell down. He says I will see. He bends and sees Avni under the bed. He says Av…. She smiles. He worries. He says I got earring. She asks him to come, we are getting late to meet Hemant. She takes him. He says I forgot wallet, I will just come. He goes back to Avni and gets her out. He asks are you fine, what are you doing here. He hugs and kisses her.

He recalls Dayaben’s words and takes Avni with him to his room. Dayaben calls him. He says I m coming. He asks Avni what are you doing here. She says I came to take you, free you from here. He says wait here till I come back, don’t go out. She says I did not come to hide, I came to take you. He asks her not to go out, promise you will be here. She says fine.

Neela likes the necklace. Ashish asks Avni not to go out of room, I love you. Dayaben says I will call Ashish. Neela says wait, I will go to call him. Neela comes and sees Avni’s eyes from the door glass. Avni hides. Neela looks for her. He asks what happened, whats the matter. Neela says I told you about a girl, her eyes wanted to tell me something, I felt I saw the same eyes, that same girl here. He says there is nothing here. She says I felt so, why. He says check. She says fine. He says come on. He shuts door and goes.

Ali and Kia wait outside and have snacks. She asks don’t you worry for Avni, the kids bus left, if anyone see Avni, she will be caught. He says you said right thing. Neela thanks Dayaben and says kids were happy. Dayaben asks Ashish what is he looking for inside the house, come. Ashish says nothing. Neela asks him to come. They leave to meet Hemant.

Ali says Avni went to save Ashish and he went, where is Avni. Avni is hidden in cupboard and wishes Ashish comes soon. She comes out. She sees Ketan. He asks who are you, what are you doing here, don’t be scared, what is your name. Diksha comes and asks how did she get left, all kids are gone, she came with Neela, how did she come in Ashish’s room. Ketan says call Neeela or Maa. Hetal says Neela’s phone is not connecting. Ketan asks Avni her name. She wishes Ashish comes soon.

Neela tells Ashish that she is not imagining, she really saw that girl. He says you checked my room, did you see anyone, maybe its your NGO girl. She says I know all NGO kids, she was not from my NGO, trust me, she was that same girl, same eyes, why do I feel like her eyes wanted to tell me something. He sees Hetal’s call on Dayaben’s phone. He answers and says Maa is with Kaka. Dayaben talks to Hemant.

My Identity 7 January 2021: Hetal says I want to talk to Neela, her NGO kid is here, she is scared and not telling her name. He worries and says fine, I will tell her. He ends call. Neela asks whose call was it. He says actually….. Hetal called for me, producer called home for me. Neela says we just came. He says sorry, I will go by taxi. He leaves. Hemant asks Dayaben is everything fine. She says I forgot, I have to go to Diksha’s sasural. Hemant asks her to go. She blesses Neela and goes.

Ketan asks Avni what is she seeing. She says your house is so big. Ketan smiles. Hetal gives her juice. Avni refuses. Ketan asks how did you reach in Ashish’s room. She says I was looking for washroom, sorry, house is big, I did not see such big house till now, anyone can get lost, my house is small. Ketan says its fine, think of this as your home till anyone comes to take you. She cries and says I did not know such big house also exists. People stay as joint family, be happy and celebrate, like a normal family. Diksha consoles her and hugs.

Shalu says guard has seen three kids going on, I know Ali and Avni kidnapped Kia. Shazia says stop acting, our kids are also missing. Asha recalls Avni’s words. She says I know where are they, don’t worry, I will get them. She leaves.

Ashish comes back. Ali and Kia see him. She says Avni’s mission will succeed, as Chudail is not at home. Avni runs to Ashish calling him Papa and hugs him. The family gets shocked. Kia and Ali see Dayaben coming and worry. Avni asks Ashish to come, what are you thinking Papa. She sees Dayaben.

My Identity 7 January 2021: Avni asking Ashish to come with her. She asks him not to be scared, she will take him to their home, to Asha. Dayaben says ask him if he wants to come. Avni asks Ashish to say he wants to come along. Dayaben insults Asha and Avni. She says Ashish is going to marry Neela, not your mum. She calls Avni Najayaz and says you will always be Najayaz, you can’t change this truth. Avni cries and says you are Chudail and will always be Chudail.

Ashish says Avni…. Avni says you were quiet till now and spoken now. Dayaben says she does not have our blood. She asks Avni to get lost. Avni cries. Dayaben says you told me about sections and laws, to enter someone’s house and trouble is wrong, you are entering my house and troubling me, get out. Avni cries and sees Ashish. She says not her words, your silence has hurt me. Ashish says Avni…. Dayaben stops him. He asks how will she go home. She says just like she came here. Avni takes mangalsutra from Ashish and it breaks. Avni says now you don’t deserve this. She cries and goes out thinking of Dayaben’s words. Ali asks is everything fine.

Avni says everything ended. Kia asks what happened, did you meet your dad. Avni says yes, I met him, I will never forget Dayaben for insulting my mumma, I will never forgive him. Ali says I will break their window by stones, I knew you will refuse. Avni gets angry and says no, I have to throw stone today. Avni shouts Chudail. Everyone come in balcony. Avni says I don’t want your name and throws stone. The window breaks. Avni says one day entire Mehta family will be known by my name. She hits stone at Dayaben. Dayaben gets hit on forehead.

Ketan gets angry. Ashish says stop Ketan, hold Maa, I will talk to her. Kia and Ali ask Avni to come. Ashish comes there and asks did I teach this to you, do you talk to elders like this. He raises hand. She holds his hand and asks by what right are you raising hand on me, when you did not stand by me as my father, what right you have. He says you are crossing limits. She says you are crossing limits, is it right to make promises and break. He shouts Avni.

My Identity 7 January 2021 update: Asha comes there. Avni holds her. Ashish tells Asha that Avni injured Dayaben by throwing stone. Asha asks what wrong did she do, you are holding me and Avni responsible for this, someone else is responsible, we all did wrong with Avni and forced her, its not her mistake. Ketan says see Maa, they have no manners to talk. Dayaben says let me see this drama. Ashish says Avni did wrong… Asha says even you were wrong, could I tell you anything in these 11 years. She takes Avni and walks out. Dayaben gets glad seeing this and says this wound is nothing when I got to see this.

Asha asks Avni why did she do this, and not think of mum. Avni says I thought Dayaben locked Ashish and went to save him, but I was wrong, Papa did not want to come to us. Asha cries. Avni says I told Papa to come home and stay with us, but he wants to stay with his mum. Asha kisses her and says you will not call her Chudail from today. Avni asks what shall I call her. Asha says you have relation with her, she is your Dadi. Avni says why shall I call her Dadi. Asha says whatever she does, she will always be your Dadi.

Ketan asks Dayaben to let him do aid. She refuses to get aid and is happy. She asks servant to get that stone. She says that girl is bold, someone has thrown stone at me after many years, I have to answer for this.

Avni asks what relation are you saying, Papa never gave you any rights, you will hate him like I hate him if you know what I know, Papa is marrying someone else, he will never come back to us. She cries and says our family will never become a normal one now. Asha cries.

Avni sees Asha’s reaction and asks did you know Papa is marrying someone else. Asha says one whom we did not expect to get, why to be sorrowful to lose him, there are Ashish’s pics at home, as I knew just pics will be with us, Ashish will not stay with us, we were always a small part of his life, not his life. They cry. Asha says sorry I should have told you everything before. Avni says yes, but don’t worry, its not late.

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