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My Identity 11 May 2021: The Episode starts with pandit asking everyone to come for aarti. Deva shree ganesha plays…. Avni sees Shweta. She prays Neil gets strength to come out of Juhi’s death. DD gets the sketch and opens it to see. Everyone does the aarti at home. DD takes aarti and sketch catches fire by the diya. He sees incomplete sketch. Avni stumbles and gets a burn by diya. Neil asks are you okay. She says yes, I will apply medicine and come. Ballu enters the house via kitchen window and sees the laddoos. Kareena comes. Ballu goes and collides with Ali. Ballu says sorry and thinks this guy came home that day, maybe he didn’t identify me. Ali asks who are you. Ballu says I came to deliver modak. Ali turns away. Ballu adds drugs in sweets box. DD sees them and says whom is Ali talking to.

Shweta comes and checks Avni’s hand. Avni says it will be fine. Avni taunts her saying I got to know your doings, you could have ignored me for your son’s sake. Shweta applies ointment to her hand. Avni says Neil’s pain is mine and my pain is of Neil, you will not understand this, it will be better we don’t cross our ways, it will have peace in our lives and house. Shweta says I just understood one thing, Neil didn’t forget Juhi and you will also not forget her now.

Ali gets hit jalebis and gives her. He asks her to serve to Neil, he will serve everyone. She goes. He taunts Shweta and gives sweets. Avni sees calender marked and thinks did Neil do this. She eats jalebis and says I don’t know what to do.

Neela tells Bebe that she just came for aarti. Bebe asks her to have prasad. DD comes and thinks Avni will be upset knowing sketch got spoiled. Shweta stops Neil. Neil says you are forcing me to do this. She says I understand your pain, you didn’t forget Juhi, there is no match between Juhi and Avni. He says my life is not any competition. She says something always happens after Avni came in your life, she made you away from us. He says she saved my life twice, you made Papa away from Bebe, this is the difference between you and Avni, she always wants a family to be together, you still want to break this family.

Bebe looks on and thinks Shweta will not let me stay in peace. Ali gets jalebis. Bebe asks Shweta to have it. They all eat jalebis. Ali says I will have it tomorrow, my health is not good. DD asks what happened to your health. DD gets a call and gets informed about hospital CCTV footage. DD says I will come.

Ali says I will get more jalebis. Amol asks Riya why did you come here. Riya says I came to see Avni getting kidnapped. They smile. Bebe asks who called you here, what’s happening. Bebe gets dizzy. Neil comes to room. Avni says Tillu…. Neil asks Tillu. She says yes, and stumbles. He holds her. She says I need to ask a question. Amol asks Riya to take Bebe to room. Amol calls goon to be ready. Avni says this will be your diary, you marked ten days. She falls on him.

Ali sees Bebe and asks Riya what are you doing here. Riya asks who are you to ask me, Shweta invited me. Ali asks what happened to everyone, there is some problem. Riya says help me in dropping Bebe to room. Ali takes Bebe. Riya sees everyone sleeping and goes to see Neil and Avni. Avni says when you stare at me, I feel conscious, like all maths questions are staring at me. Neil says means… Avni does shhhh and rests on his shoulder. She says I didn’t like maths exams. He says it means you don’t like me also. She says no, I never wanted maths in my life, useless subject, but you are different, why do I feel strange when you stare at me or not, what am I saying.

Neil says get habitual, then you won’t have any questions, you asked me something, why you stare at me, I m not habitual, I never had any BF in my life, don’t tell this to anyone. He smiles. He asks her what did he eat or drink today. She says yes, Ali got jalebis today. He makes her lie on the bed and goes. Riya thinks I hope Neil and Avni fainted by now. Amol says Avni’s room is upstairs, she has worn pink color dress. Neil leaves. Amol stops Ali and says come with me, everyone is sleeping at this time. Ali says call the doctor. Amol signs Ballu. Ballu kidnaps someone and goes. Neil sees everyone sleeping.

DD comes and gets shocked. Neil recalls Avni’s words and goes to Avni. Ballu leaves in the car. Neil looks for Avni. Ballu opens the sack. Dayaben and Gurumaa get shocked seeing Riya. Avni falls down. Neil asks her to get up. Avni says I went to washroom. She asks how did I come here, wait, why did you leave me alone and go, promise me you won’t go. Neil says I promise. She says wait, say sorry. He says sorry, happy, com. He takes her. She says I will not talk to you if you go. He says fine, I won’t go. Ali and DD look on. DD finds Ali angry.

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