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My Identity 12 January 2021: Avni smiles seeing the award function venue, the arrangements, and media. She sees Asha being tensed. She holds Asha’s hand and signs her to come. Neela comes there. Neela meets Avni and says I have to take her inside, we will go this later. She hugs Avni. Asha worries seeing Neela. Neela says I m Neela Parekh. Avni says I m Avni. Neela says your eyes are very beautiful, when I see you, I feel we have some connection. Avni asks what connection. Neela says I feel like talking to you, I want to thank you for saving my life, I tried finding you a lot, I went your secret place and left my number, I wanted to meet you, my little angle, thanks.

Avni say this is my mumma. Neela hugs her and says you are lucky mum. Asha says yes. Neela asks did we meet before. Asha says not possible. Neela says I felt I met you, your name. Avni says Aisha. Neela says that actress Aisha, I know you, I have a surprise for you, I will tell you in a while. She meets Ali and Kia, and thanks them for supporting Avni in saving her. She laughs seeing Kia arguing with Ali.

Neela sends kids and Asha, and asks them to feel comfortable. Asha gets tensed and tearful eyes. Avni says Neela is beautiful right mumma. Asha says yes, come. Neela begins the function and welcomes everyone. She tells about Shakuntala trust felicitating such children on children’s day, who did brave acts which inspires other kids. She says our little angels are not just heroes for today, but also become heroes of future. She greets child welfare minister and asks him to come and give award to their little angels. Everyone clap. Neela calls a boy Rohit, who saved his friend from getting bitten by a snake. More kids are honored for their bravery. Ali and Kia also get the medals. Neela says now our last award, I kept it at last, this girl is very close to my heart, even when I have no relation with her, whenever I see Avni, my heart says one thing. She sings Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…… She says I m standing here because of Avni, she is very brave, she fought with goons and saved me, thanks Avni. Asha kisses Avni and sends her on stage. Avni gets honored and wears the medal. Asha happily cries.

Ashish comes there and smiles seeing Avni. Neela asks Avni her full name. Ashish smiles. Avni says my name is Avni Aisha. Asha and Ashish get shocked. Neela says Avni, Aisha is your mother’s name right. Avni says yes. Neela asks her surname, that’s our identity. Avni says Aisha is my surname, my mother is my identity. Asha happily cries. Neela asks what’s your Papa’s name. Avni says my Papa is not there. Ashish gets shocked. Avni says I mean, my Papa does not stay with us, he did not marry my mumma. She asks what happened, what mistake did I do, am I not brave now, did my bravery end, should I return this medal. She says to complete a family and make it normal, there should be love, my mumma and I have it, having Papa is good, if he is there and there is no love and happiness, then having Papa is not necessary, you can take the medal back, but I will always be Avni Aisha, this is my name. Neela gets tearful eyes.

Avni cries and thanks Asha for making her capable that she is standing here today. She says I love you mumma. Everyone clap. Asha and Ashish cry happily. Neela hugs Avni. Neela says I was wrong about you, you are very special, everyone is clapping for you. Asha hugs Avni. Avni gives her the certificate and medal. Asha hugs and kisses Avni. Media asks Asha how is she feeling. Asha says its said that mother gives birth to a child, today my daughter has given me a new birth, new identity, I m proud of her.

Ali boasts of himself in front of the reporter. He asks him to take his pic and poses. Reporter fools him and goes. Neela tells Ashish that he missed everything. Ashish says I have seen when Avni was doing her Naamkarana, I did not miss it. She says right, it was such. He jokes. She says I forgot to tell you something imp, come, there is a surprise for you. He asks what surprise. She takes him to Asha and says this is your surprise. Asha and Ashish see each other. She tells Ashish that Asha is your first romantic move heroine, I thought you both will identify each other, such a small world, Avni is Aisha’s daughter, I remember Aisha, her daughter saved my life. She attends call and says I have to see off minister, he is leaving. She goes. Ashish calls his Ashudi and stops him. He says one day I was rightful to get your and Avni’s love, today you both hate me, one day will come when I will become rightful of your love again, remember I love my superstar, I love you. Asha leaves.

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