My Identity 25 May 2021: Dayaben joking on Avni and Juhi helping each other. She taunts them to be like Aisha and Neela, who loved the same man, her son Ashish, their story is also matching. Avni asks her to stop nonsense. Dayaben says let me complete my story. She takes them and shows Neil and Juhi’s pic saying this is past. She shows Avni and Neil’s pic and says this is future. Juhi gets shocked and cries, saying Neil is your husband.

Bebe asks Neela not to worry, past can’t affect present, Neil and Avni will not get affected. Neela says I know Neeil and Avni’s love, but Avni will hide all her feelings for Neil’s happiness, I did the same, I went away from Ashish, I knew Aisha is his first love, I will not let history repeat, Avni is not Aisha or Neela, she will just be Avni. Shweta asks is Juhi really alive.

Neela says yes, how many times shall I say this, you wanted Avni to get away from Neil’s life, you don’t love Juhi and Neil, I will not let anything wrong happen with Avni. Bebe promises that she won’t let anything wrong happen with Avni. Neela cries.

Dayaben says same thing happened, two sautans will become friends. Avni says enough, I will not let you do the same with me, your sin pot is full, I can see your end, Lord will punish you. She scolds Dayaben. She tells what a mum is, and what Dayaben did with Ashish. She says Raavan dahan will happen here, its good you came here, that’s why I have come here to ruin you. Dayaben goes. Juhi asks Avni not to say anything now. She goes.

Neela calls Neil and thinks to go and meet him. Avni’s friends come to talk to her. Juhi asks Avni does she want to prove herself great by helping her. Avni says no, I don’t want to fall in my eyes. Juhi asks her to help her friend Ali, he is here. Avni gets glad. She says its not our mistake that we got stained, Neil will not let you stay here, I m helping him in getting you free from here, so I want us to face Ragini pandit and Dayaben with courage, we should join hands and burn this Lanka to ashes, will you support me.

Avni’s friends tell Neela to ask their help if she wants. She asks them to help, its about Avni’s life. Juhi holds Avni’s hand. She says we can never leave from this hell. Avni says we will get free, all the girls’ freedom fight will start. Neela says someone has stolen imp papers from my cupboard, can you find out who did this. Madan asks her not to worry. Juhi asks can other girls also come. Avni says yes. Ballu gets dresses for them and asks them to get ready.

Juhi asks Avni to listen to Ballu, and not go upstairs. Bebe asks what, Avni went to such place to save Juhi, is she fine. Prakash says Juhi is in such hell where human trafficking happens, Avni also went to same hell. Shweta hears them and gets shocked. Bebe says I was teaching Ramayan, I didn’t know she will become Sita and go there.

Prakash says DD has told all this to me. He tells Shweta that its same Avni whom she called illegitimate, she has taken such a big risk. Bebe says Shweta doesn’t know what’s love. Shweta says I did not wish this to happen, I tried to make Avni away, I didn’t think this for Avni. She cries.

Juhi dances. Dayaben looks on and takes her along. Avni goes upstairs. Dayaben says this is last chance for you, you can get free, just show you and Avni are trying to run away, Avni will get caught here forever, this sin land is right for her, you spend life with Neil.

Juhi asks and pandit ji? Dayaben says don’t worry, want to send Avni in hell forever, if you cheat me now, you won’t be alive. Avni hides and thinks what to do. She knocks a door. Ali says I don’t want food. Avni hears him and gets shocked. She cries.

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