My Identity update Tuesday 6 April 2021 Starlife


My Identity 6 April 2021 update Neil saying justice will happen in this house. Dayaben hugs and blesses him. He gets a call and says dad, I m reaching. He says Bebe got unwell, I have to go, don’t worry I will end Ananya Avni game, its my promise. He goes. Dayaben smiles. He collides with Riya and asks how is she. She says I m fine, how are you. He says I m okay. She says sorry, I did not run from marriage because you were not suitable for me, I had my own problems. He says its fine and leaves.

My Identity update Tuesday 6 April 2021 Bebe sees her rashes on face and scolds Shweta. Shweta says why do you always blame me, I did not know you had allergy with peanut also. Prakash says even I did not know. Bebe asks him not to take Shweta’s side. Bebe shouts on Shweta. Avni says Bebe, have lemon tea, its anti allergic. Bebe refuses. Avni says I swear its good, have it please. Bebe drinks it. Avni says actually, I made the food, its my mistake. Shweta and Prakash look on. Bebe says I feel over goodness from your words, don’t do this for Shweta. Avni says no, I made it. Neil comes and asks Avni to ask Bebe once, how can she be so careless, always mom gets scolded because of you. Avni says I m really sorry Bebe. Bebe says don’t scold her much, its fin, mistakes happen by humans.

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Shweta asks am I not human Bebe. Bebe asks her not to ask such thing that person gets hurt hearing answer. Neil says you always scold mom, you don’t say anything to Ananya. He asks Avni what punishment she should get next time. Avni says its too much. Neil says I will decide it, you troubled mum and Bebe, go and make black coffee for us. Avni says sure, I will get hot coffee. She goes.

Dayaben says this girl has habit to snatch your rights. Riya says I remember. Dayaben says this time you gave your fate to her. Riya says no, I know to change this mistake, I will not leave Avni. Dayaben says great, we are Mehtas and don’t know meaning of failure. She thinks now Riya will attack Avni. Riya says I have an idea, enemy’s enemy is a friend, Shweta….

Prakash says Avni took the blame when you made the food. Shweta says did I ask her to do this. He says don’t know what problem you have with her, she is a nice girl. She says no, she is bad. He says Neil started liking her, you also accept her, we should stay as happy family. She coughs. He goes to get water.

Shweta says if Neil accepts that girl, I will break his legs. Riya calls Shweta. She apologizes and asks her to be careful of Ananya, she impresses people, Dadi was liking me more than me, even Neil can like her, if you need my help, tell me. Dayaben smiles. Riya says I think how to win Shweta and get Neil back. Dayaben says great. Shweta says I have to make Ananya out, Bebe knows she is not my choice. Prakash gets water. She says no, I m okay. He says strange, what happened to her.

Avni gets coffee for Neil. She throws coffee on Neil. He moves back. Coffee falls on her dress. He says oops you missed it. She runs after him. Zehnaseeb…..plays…. they fall on the bed and have an eyelock. She gets away. He stops her and says wife’s duty is to obey husband’s orders, its written in Shastra. She asks which Shastra. Neil says if coffee falls on wife’s clothes, its husband’s duty to clean it. She asks are you in senses. He holds her close and says no, I don’t want to. She runs out. He runs after her and catches her. He clicks her pic and says look at this, Neela said you are not scared of anyone, her opinion will change now. She gets hurt. They see something hidden under the floor. Neil gets the box. He checks and gets the letter. He checks and says its your dad’s letter for you.

She recalls Ashish. He asks her to read it once. She refuses and says let me go. He asks her to sit, don’t you want to know his story, you don’t suppress emotions, learn to face them, you hate your dad right, just say it. She says there is nothing inside me, let me go. He says no, just get the poison out, please, cry or get anger out on me, beat me, but for once and all, end this. He reads… maybe I was not suitable to become your dad, you were Aisha’s daughter in real senses, thank God you did not go on me. She cries and shouts enough. She pushes Neil and says I hate that man, I don’t care what’s in his heart, where he is, today I m standing alone here, you can’t understand as your dad is not such, he accepted me knowing I married you by cheat, Papa is such who always stand by you, you were ready to accept Riya even after knowing her family, you were ready to join me knowing I m broken, good person is such, and my Papa, I hate him, he was a coward, this letter will not make his mistakes less. She throws letter and says he ruined my mum’s life, I can never forgive him. She cries. He says you are feeling better now right. She nods and says sorry. He asks her to relax and wipes her tears. He says I wanted you to throw all your pain out, I feel we can be friends, no thanks and no sorry in friendship. She says I m not suitable for your friendship. He says I know but I m a great man and will get your friendship. He hugs her.



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