My Identity 6 July 2021: My Identity update Tuesday 6th July 2021 The Episode starts with Neela asking Avni to become Ananya and see Juhi’s truth. Avni says but we have no proof against Juhi. Shweta says we know the blood group of Mishti didn’t match. Avni says DNA report has matched. Shweta says maybe reports were changed, I know my Neil, he can’t do this. Prakash says someone is trying to break Avni, how can she tolerate this, Juhi still loves you, what will Avni go through seeing this. Neil says Juhi may raise a hand in anger when she sees Avni and Mishti happy, I think Avni and I should go away from Juhi and Mishti. Mishti hears this and goes. Juhi looks on. Neil says I can’t let Avni become Ananya again. Juhi thinks I have lied for you, I can’t let you go away. Avni thinks why will Juhi do this. Neela says person can do anything when love becomes selfish. Avni says we have to expose Vidyut to know Juhi’s part.

Police comes home to talk about Avni. Neil and Avni look on. Inspector says sorry, we got a complaint against your wife, she threatened to kill someone. She shows Juhi’s complaint and says Avni has pushed Juhi in traffic and threatened too, if anything wrong happens to Juhi, we have to arrest Avni. Neil says I understand, you are doing your duty. Juhi says what could I do, Avni’s past is such, she can do anything. Neil shouts Juhi. Juhi asks him not to shout, Avni tried to kill her. Shweta asks her to stop it. Avni says Juhi is right, I can’t bear this and can go to any extent. She reminds Neil what she said, she will leave when she can’t tolerate the things, Mishti got away from Juhi, Bebe is right I came between you two, Juhi is Mishti’s mum. Neela thinks this is not Avni, she is Ananya. She stops Shweta and signs her. Neil says you didn’t do this intentionally. Avni says but whatever happening is wrong, Bebe I understood this now, it will be good that Juhi and Neil get married.

Avni holds Neil’s hand and says you gave me a beautiful family, its breaking because of me. He says no. She says I have to leave for the sake of Mishti and family, I will leave tonight. She goes to her room. Shweta asks what are you doing. She asks Prakash to stop Avni. Juhi says Neil trust me, I didn’t wish this. Neil says exactly, this marriage won’t happen, Avni wants to become great, I will explain her, don’t worry. He says Bebe you are doing much wrong. He comes to room and asks Avni did she go mad. He shuts the door and says you won’t go anywhere, I will not marry anyone, enough, you are my wifey. Avni says enough, you won’t say anything, sit here.

She does aid to his hand. She says you like becoming hero, did you not understand, I m not going. He asks so? She says look we started this game, I failed Vidyut, now he is failing us, we don’t understand what to do, did you see Mishti’s behavior, someone is teaching her wrong things, understand the pattern, someone is repeating my childhood, who can do this, its a game to defeat me, its Vidyut and Gurumaa, Dayaben have told this to them. He realizes. She asks what shall be our next move, till we show Vidyut that we got separated… He says he will not feel he has won. She says very intelligent, if he feels he has won. He says he will get overconfident and do some mistake. He says you are so smart, I was getting a heart attack, you should have told me. They hug.

She thinks I wanted Vidyut and Juhi to believe this. She says plan was made suddenly. He says we should tell family. She says no, we can’t tell anyone, if Vidyut makes Juhi tell everything, our plan will fail. She thinks to lie till she gets sure that Juhi is not playing a game with Neil. She says I will leave tonight. He says its Ananya in front of me, not Avni. She says I was getting emotional, I didn’t know its so simple. He says I want my Avni. She says I m Avni by heart. He says I felt good when you did aid to my hand. She asks him to break his other hand too. He says right, I m ready. She stops him and says I won’t go anywhere. He says I will never leave you. They get close and get tied by the bandage. She says I will not go myself. He kisses her and hugs.

Avni gets leaving. Neil takes her bag. She stops him. They sign and talk. Mana ki teri….plays….. He holds her close. They get emotional. He is about to kiss her. They hear a sound and get away. She leaves. Bebe shuts the kitchen door. She gets kerosene and pours on herself. Neil goes after Avni. She turns to see him. He says its last time Avni, that we are getting away, we will get together always, I promise to give you a fairytale life which you always dreamt of. She cries and leaves. Shweta comes to kitchen and finds door locked. She sees Bebe inside and shouts to Neil. Neil and Prakash come and stop Bebe. Juhi comes. Neil says enough Bebe, I will do as you say, I will marry Juhi. Shweta asks Bebe what is she doing. She asks Neil did he get mad to marry Juhi, she will tell this to Avni. Neil says she is gone, Avni is gone. They get shocked.

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