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My Identity 8 June 2021: The Episode starts with Avni dining at a cafe. She makes a smiley and writes N by the ketchup. She smiles. Neil asks did you find anything. He talks to staff. He sees Avni’s picture. Avni asks for bill. She looks for card in her purse. DD asks the man to inform him if he gets info. He tells Neil that he didn’t find Avni, she will use card, make a call to bank. Waiter says your bill is paid, Mr. Vidyut paid it. She reads the note. She says take my card, I don’t keep anyone’s favor. Neil talks to bank to know if Avni uses her card. Avni asks the man to swipe her card. Waiter says Vidyut will not leave me. She asks where is he. Neil says she is not using card and phone, she doesn’t want us to find her.

Shweta comes to Juhi. Juhi says Neil…. and sees her. Shweta says Neil won’t come, he has gone to find Avni, she has left the house. She cuts fruits for Juhi. Juhi says I didn’t wish this to happen. Shweta says you told her about your and Neil’s daughter. Juhi says yes, you know me since long, why do you feel I m lying. Shweta says you knew Neil got married, even then you came here, the Juhi I knew would have sacrificed her happiness for him. Juhi says I m same Juhi, I just want my daughter. Shweta asks her to have apple and goes. Juhi cries.

Neil comes to his room. He sees Avni’s pics. He touches the pic and cries thinking about her. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays….. Bebe comes and sees him crying. She says you didn’t have food, have the juice. He hugs her and asks what shall I do, when I go to do good, I hurt someone’s heart. She makes him sit. She says whatever happened with Juhi was much wrong, I know this, but what happened with Avni was worse, Avni came in your life by destiny, why shall she bear this, you have to decide, we all want you to be with Avni forever.

Vidyut and his men meet someone, tied in ropes. Vidyut taunts him. The man says I m not any ordinary man, I m a minister. Vidyut scolds him. The man says I have tried a lot. Vidyut says I gave you whatever you asked, you didn’t give me anything. The man begs for his life. Vidyut says fine, this time don’t do any mistake. He asks him to bail out someone. He hurts the man and leaves.

Avni thinks how she got a phone from someone. She asks the man will the call get traced. The man says don’t worry, tell me if you need anything. She thanks him. FB ends. Avni calls Neil. She doesn’t talk and cries hearing his voice. He says Avni…. is that you…. She nods. He hears the wind chimes and stands at the window. He says you can’t fool me, I can feel you, please say something. They see the moon. Hamari adhuri kahani…..plays….. He touches her pics and pillow. They cry. He thinks of their moments. She ends the call. Neil says Avni…. hello….. Avni says no, I can’t fall weak, I can’t let my heart fail. They cry.

Servants look for the girl. Vidyut asks did you get Mishti or not. The man says she was in front of me, but……. Vidyut says I give you salary so that you can live good life, right, your children can go to good school and not beg on road, right, you couldn’t take care of a little girl, everyone knows what’s Mishti for me, you all have 10mins, if she doesn’t come back, just imagine what will happen with you all.

Avni comes to a church. She says I heard a lot about Goa churches and its all beautiful, I came here to pray, give me courage and show me the right path, so that I can reach my destination, please help me. She hears someone crying. She sees a girl and asks how did you come here, does your dad know you are here. Vidyut talks to ACP and says I want Mishti at home. Servant says he has scared the girl, he is acting now when she has gone out. Avni asks do you like coming here. The girl nods and shows the picture in church. Avni smiles. Vidyut says if Mishti doesn’t come in 10mins, just imagine, what will happen, where is Mishti. Avni says she is here….. He looks at them.

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