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My Identity 12 May 2021: My Identity update Wednesday 12th May 2021 Baiju lifts Shristi and brings her to living room. She asks to get her down, someone will see. He says he does not mind. She says she is heavy now. He says weight is just a number. He gets her down and showing toys says he got 100 toys’ delivery order. She says she will quality test each toy. She checks scold Baiju. Baiju smiles. Solid watches hiding and thinks he has done quality check himself.

Anurag walks into Ragini’s room. Ragini angrily asks him to get out. He says he had got her a good news, he was waiting for tender announcement thinking of her smiling face and results were announced, he got tender. She scold him that he is giving good news 3 hours later. He says 6 minutes are left. She continues scolding him. Revathi with Vikral walks in and scolds Anurag for making her bahu angry. Ragini says he got a tender and is informing 3 hours later with empty hands, not even a choc. Vidhvan says he brought choc for her and asks Revathi to get it via Dulari. Revathi asks Anurag to bring choc. Ragini says only she will have it. She goes out and taking choc passes by store room and sees it open. She enters and does not find anyone. Solid who is hiding drugs in toys hides. Once she leaves, he calls Shekhar who orders to go to deliver toys himself, return midway and inform police, he wll come there and see Baiju getting arrested. Solid asks how can he come there. He says he can come anywhere and see Vidhvan’s family’s destroyal.

Family is busy chatting when Shekhar enters disguised as eunuch among eunuchs. Eunuch says she heard they got a baby boy home, so they came to celebrate. Revathi says there is still time for that. Eunuch says they will dance and bless them and go. They dance. Shekhar also dances and sensuously touches Shristi. Police enters to arrest Baiju for peddling drugs in toys. Shekhar yells Vidhvan’s family is a criminal, they should be cursed and curses that Baiju will never see his child’s face. Vidhvan asks them to go. Ragini reminisces seeing Solid carrying drugs, but does not utter and gets busy consoling Shristi. Police arrests Baiju. Baiju says he will return soon, till then take care of Shristi and leaves with police.

Dayaben getting shocked seeing Riya. Ballu says give me a chance. He checks and says my phone is left there. Neil steps near phone. DD says we will know who came here, guard is checking CCTV footage. Neil says it was well thought plan, my gut feeling says pandit is involved in this, we have no evidence, I have to reach this pandit soon, my instinct can never be wrong, I have to find how did anyone come inside the house. Amol hears them and calls Dayaben. He says I think they didn’t get the phone yet. Neil says I want all CCTV footage today, how can everyone be fed jalebis at once, maybe we are not able to identify someone. He sees Avni and says Avni said Ali got jalebis. DD recalls Ali and says yes I have seen Ali talking to someone, shall I call Ali. Neil says I will talk to him, we will go and see if everyone is fine. They go. Amol comes there and looks for phone.

Neil asks anything serious doctor. Doctor says no, someone added sleeping medicine, let them sleep. Neil sees Ali and says Ali…. Neil takes doctor to Avni. Ali says I should leave now. Amol hears someone coming and sits acting. Neil says nothing will happen to them, go down and see everyone. Fatima asks how did everyone sleep, why did you not stay there. Ali says every relation has a limit, Neil was there with Avni, I m just her good friend, Neil is her husband.

Neil and DD talk about cameras. DD says I have seen Ali talking to someone. Neil calls Ali and says his phone is not reachable, I will drop a message for him. DD asks is it possible that someone took entry by avoiding camera setup. Neil says yes. DD asks what was his motive. Neil asks him to get CCTV footage of nearby shops. Amol thinks I didn’t get Ballu’s phone till now, I have to find out.

Its night, Neil says I will get water. Avni talks in sleep and says stop, don’t go, I won’t let anything happen to Neil, else I…. Neil says atleast your feelings came out in sleep, I wanted to hear this when I stare at you, you always stay silent, when will that day come. Bebe, Shweta and Prakash wake up. Neela also wakes up. Amol thinks Neil shouldn’t get the phone. Avni gets up and stumbles. Neil holds her and says your drinking problem is getting high, what’s going on in your life. She asks when did I drink. He says I was joking.

Avni gets the phone and asks Neil about it. Dayaben talks to Amol. Gurumaa warns her. She says tell Amol to hide the phone, do anything. Dayaben asks her to move her hand, learn to talk with respect. Avni says none in family can have such old model. Neil calls DD and says I will send you phone model number, get the charger, I will sent sim details, find its owner. DD agrees.

Dayaben says Neil will understand someone in family is doing this, it will be better to leave phone there, so that Neil doesn’t reach me. Gurumaa asks what about me. Dayaben says you think about it, phone will be there. Neil asks DD to come soon. DD says I m on the way. Avni asks Neil to have fruits. Neil says get the charger. Avni ties the handcuffs. Neil asks what’s this. She sweetly scolds him and says I told you to have fruits and medicines, you just do duty, this is house, not police station. He pulls her. She falls over him. They have an eyelock. He says I will have it if you feed me. She says I arrested you, you didn’t arrest me, leave me. Neela and Bebe come and see them. They pull her leg. Neela says its our mistake, we shouldn’t come without knocking. They go.

Avni says leave me, I have to meet Nanno, I will free you. He reminds the bet, feed me by your hands, then I will let you go. She feeds him the fruits. Kuch khaas hai…..plays…. They have a moment. He says I got to know you like my staring. She says no, when did I say so. Avni meets Fatima. Fatima says Ali told me about yesterday, when I told him he should have stayed here, he gave weird answer, so I came here. Bebe says you did good, I won’t let you go without having food.

Neil charges the phone. They all get shocked seeing Riya coming. Shweta makes Riya rest. Neil hears Riya. Neil and DD leave. Doctor says I will write some medicines, she is in shock. Amol comes. Bebe asks what happened. Riya says someone kidnapped me. Everyone gets shocked. Riya says I didn’t see face, he was wearing white tshirt, he said he thought I m Avni and kidnapped me by mistake. Avni says it means they came to kidnap me, Neil did Raghu pandit…..Neil asks DD to get mobile, we will know who was he. He says it was just one number named on Boss. He calls on that number. Ali answers. Avni says Ali…. They get shocked. Amol smiles.

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