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My Identity 2 June 2021: Episode starts with Amol saying you should have killed me on birth, I m a very bad man, because I have your blood, I have to burn this evil. Neil says no, you will regret doing this. Amol ignites fire. Neil hugs Avni. Neil says finally evil ended. They see fire spreading and run out of Rangmahal. Avni says I have fulfilled promise to mum, I told her I will always keep her alive, I will never let her thinking and belief die, it won today, Amol has become our Aman forever. Police comes. Neil says sorry, I have to arrest for Dayaben’s murder. Neela and Fatima come and hug Avni.

Amol says Amol also burnt along Dayaben in fire, now Aman is in front of you, your Aman Aisha. He hugs Avni and apologizes. Avni says I feel like I took you in my lap for the first time. Juhi gets treated by doctor. Bebe asks where are Neil and Avni. Prakash says Neil called, Amol is taken in police custody. Bebe says its good that he ended Dayaben. Prakash says Amol repented for all mistakes. Shweta sees Juhi. Bebe says your wife’s mind is doing overtime, if she does anything against Avni, I will not leave her.

Amvulance comes. Avni gets treated. She recalls Dayaben. Neil comes to her and does aid. She says be careful, I m getting hurt. Neil asks do you feel pain, I thought you don’t get hurt, I was getting hurt when you were talking of death, you thought of Amol, I have no value. She says no, I don’t want to hurt you, what next, much changed, Juhi has returned. He says enough of past, I want to live in present, not past, you are my present, sit. He treats her. The doctor says Juhi is in post traumatic stress, she needs a psychiatrist or doctor. Bebe says bad happened with her, its good she got saved, we can’t keep her here. Prakash asks why, because she was in Rangmahal. Bebe says no, it was not her mistake. Shweta says its not Neil’s mistake, Neil got married, he loves Avni, how can Juhi stay here.

Neil treats Avni’s wound. He says our present is so beautiful, I don’t want to think of future, this wound will heal, we should talk, my dear wifey. She smiles. Amol calls her. He says I know you are trying to help me, but not time, I want to remember this punishment, how will I learn a lesson that I don’t have to become Amol Mehta again. Avni asks where did you go lost. Amol says maybe people like me don’t learn without a mistake, I regret to get late to identify your and Neela’s love. He touches Neela’s feet. She says life is giving you another chance. Police comes. Neil learns DGP is arrested. Commissioner comes and says well done ACP Neil, I m proud of you, DGP was with criminals, so Pandit and Dayavanti were on loose, we could arrest them, I will cancel suspension order, you will get your uniform with respect. They smile.

Fatima does aid to Ali’s wound. Neela stays worried. Ali asks is there any problem. Neela says much happened in a day, I m worried for Neil and Avni. He says Neil will not make Avni away from him, I have seen love in his eyes, even if Avni accepts or not, she also loves Neil, I have seen her love, but not for me, it was for Neil, trust me even Lord can’t separate them. Neela says your heart is clean like that of a kid. He promises he won’t get bad hearted again. Neela gets Shweta’s call. Shweta says I need to talk, can we meet.

Neela says fine, we will meet in cafe. Bebe calls Neil and asks where are you. Neil says we are on the way, how is Juhi. Bebe says she is sleeping, don’t worry for her, we are there. Neela calls Neil and asks them to come to Aisha’s house. Prakash asks is this fine what we are thinking for Juhi. Bebe says yes, but we have to think for Neil and Avni first, its tough to keep Juhi here, its tough decision for Neil.

Neil and Avni come to Aisha’s house. They get a surprise. Ali comes singing and dances. Neela and DD also dance on gallan goodiyaan…. Neil and Avni smile and dance with them.

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