My Identity update Wednesday 7 April 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 7 April 2021 update Mitali calling Diksha and telling her that she has won a lottery, come and claim it. Diksha dances with joy. She lies to Ketan and Dayaben that she is going to temple. Mitali calls Neil. She jokes on Neil. Neil asks her to talk about work. Mitali says Neela found out that Diksha is made about some lottery, you and Avni come soon. Neil sees Avni sleeping and moves the hair off her face.

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Avni gets up. He gets away and jokes. He tells about Mitali’s call and goes to get ready. Dayaben says Riya, you have to do imp work, make sure Avni does not leave from home today. Avni comes from bath and dries her hair. Neil looks at her and smiles. He holds her. They have a moment. Dayaven says Avni should not reach Diksha. Avni gets ready. Neil takes her mangalsutra and keeps there. Avni wears it. Neil smiles. She says come, what happened. He says nothing.

Riya talks to Shweta about Avni. Riya asks Shweta why are you making breakfast. Shweta says she has ordered food from hotel in first rasoi. Riya makes her against Avni. She asks her to make Avni cook breakfast. Shweta says I was going to do this. Dayaben says we just have to add ghee in it. Shweta says I thought Ananya will make breakfast today. Bebe says I m bored of having food made by Shweta, I need a change. Shweta asks Avni to cook breakfast.

Ali and Mitali take disguise of south indian people. Ali says where are Neil and Avni. Diksha comes there. Dayaben follows and says lottery office in bungalow, something is wrong. Bebe asks Avni to make something and win everyone’s heart. Neil says Bebe, we had to go out. Bebe says fine. Avni says no, we will go later, I will make something for Bebe. Shweta thinks how did she agree so soon. Mitali and Ali meet Diksha.

Avni makes food and recalls Neela cooking poha. Neil comes to Avni and asks what are you doing, we have to go to lottery office. Avni says I will feel good doing this for Bebe. He reminds her revenge is most imp to her. She holds his hand and says whatever you did for me, this is small thing, if I don’t do this for Bebe, I will feel bad, I don’t want to break Bebe’s heart we can question Diksha later. He says its smelling good. Chilli flake affects his eye. Avni holds him and blows in his eye. Music plays…..

He says something is burning, poha….. He removes the pan from stove. Ali says I want your ID proof and PAN card. Diksha gives her ID. Dayaben says this foolish Diksha can create new problem. Diksha says I think I have seen you. Mitali gets a call and says we are fooling Diksha, when are you coming. Neil says we have to cancel this plan, Bebe stopped Avni. He apologizes. Mitali acts and says you have to come and claim ticket. She says there is confusion, sorry, we can’t give you money, some other person is saying he has same ticket. Diksha says don’t do this, think of poor people.

Mitali tells Ali that Neil cancelled plan, Avni can’t come. Ali says who is Neil to cancel plan. Mitali says I m following Neil’s orders. Ali says this is Avni’s revenge, she should have not done this stupid marriage, plan will succeed. Everyone eat poha and like it. Avni says my mum taught me making this. Everyone praises it. Shweta says its better than your first rasoi food.

Ali asks Diksha to ten lakhs. Diksha says no way, I will give 1000rs. Ali says done, come and take money. Mitali says Ali’s mistake can sink us. Ali catches Diksha. Dayaben gets inside and does not find Diksha. She thinks where did Diksha go. Neil says maybe Avni forgot to add coriander. Prakash asks them to have it by love. Diksha says we have no money, we got poor. Ali scolds her and asks how did she kill Hemant and why. He asks Mitali to record. Diksha faints.

Avni gets the shagun Bebe gave her and says I ordered hotel food on that first rasoi day. Mitali asks Ali why did he do this, Diksha can lie more. Dayaben asks is anyone inside. Avni says sorry Bebe, my mum taught not to lie and rectify mistake on getting a chance, keep this back. Neil says Bebe…. Bebe stops him. Shweta scolds Avni.

Mitali says we have to run from here. Ali shows the window. Dayaben pushes the door. Ali goes out of the window. He asks Mitali to give her hand. Dayaben sees Diksha. She asks Mitali to stop. She gets shocked.


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