In the wake of losing Kate, his secondary school darling, in a horrendous house fire Josh Higgins’ life tumbles into a discouraging blend of a sleeping disorder and unfortunate decisions. In the wake of taking apparently innocuous dozing pill, Josh is pushed from his ongoing clich√© presence to one that he had lost years sooner. As the dividers of his own psychosis gradually begin to surround him, Josh should compete to save himself, Kate, and the equal life that he promises can at absolutely no point in the future become…lost.

Runtime: 104 mins

Release Date: 08 Jun 2010

Starcast: Ryan Barrett, Emily Alatalo, Jennifer Polansky, Samuel Borstein, Gary Fischer, Patricia Ball, Peter Higginson, Paige Albrecht, Danny Bruzzi, Alison Campbell, Bryan Crockett, Alexena Whiting, Wilhelmina Maxwell, Ali Rothwell, Scott Sherar, Carlo Adamo, Brooke Skylar Miner, Justine Rochon, Kiera Semple, Patrick McBrearty, Nils Buzora, Matt Fudge, Colin Harrington, Cody Calahan, Martin Buzora, Chad Archibald, Gary Biggar, John Cross, Kevin Haughey, Shondra Kayd, Paul Kendall, Charles McGeoghan, Dave Vaughan,

Director(s): Chad Archibald

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller



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