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The October Uzolo 2019 Precap: The 2 lovebirds look for shelter amidst grease, petrol and an entire heap of metal. And also, Sbu thinks sleeping in an exceedingly onesie is that the solely thanks to not have sex?!

Tuesday one october 2019 (Episode 172)MaMlambo and Qhabanga are each conflicts concerning marrying one another. Nosipho provides in to Njeza’s romantic advances. Fikile and Sbu can’t agree on what to try and do with their strategy earnings.

Wednesday two October 2019 (Episode 173)Nokwanda’s body is discovered and it throws the community into complete chaos. Mondli becomes suspicious attributable to this event. Zekhethelo struggles to grasp her sister’s betrayal. Fikile’s expensive fling lands her in predicament.

Thursday three October 2019 (Episode 174)A pesterer dies taking chances; a hopeless romantic gets inactive and 2 lovebirds homeless by circumstance look for shelter amongst grease, hydrocarbon and an entire heap of metal.

Friday four October 2019 (Episode 175)Gabisile experiences the worst humiliation ever inflicted on a future bride. MaNgcobi and Khathaza enter a treaty that produces their love stronger

Monday seven October 2019 (Episode 176)Love triangle is way from over, Ntaba’s death threatens Khathaza’s new family, Zekhethelo and Nosipho should bury the hatchet.

Tuesday eight October 2019 (Episode 177) Khathaza is appalled by what he finds expecting him reception. Qhabanga breaks down, and Fikile and Sbu are caught.

Wednesday nine October 2019 (Episode 178)Nkunzi takes the primary step to obtaining his life back, Gabisile refuses to be alone, and Sbu and Fikile notice themselves on the run.

Thursday ten October 2019 (Episode 179)Khathaza turns his attention to Qhabanga. Sibonelo asks an enemy for facilitate, and Sbu and Fikile keep running.

Friday eleven October 2019 (Episode 180)Nkunzi digs for the reality, the board has unhealthy news for Qhabanga, and Fikile struggles along with her current reality..

Monday fourteen October 2019 (Episode 181)Njeza’s info becomes helpful to MaNgcobo. Qhabanga’s issues deteriorate, and Fikile virtually breaks a crucial rule.

Tuesday fifteen October 2019 (Episode 182)Nkunzi finds himself staring death within the face. MaMlambo makes an enormous mistake and Mondli puts Zekhethelo in an exceedingly difficult position.

Wednesday sixteen October 2019 (Episode 183)Gabisile kicks Qhabanga whereas he’s at his lowest. Nkunzi is set to urge revenge, and includes a solid arrange for the Khanyiles.

Thursday seventeen October 2019 (Episode 184)Sbu provides up Kuvukiland to remain with Nkunzi. Mr. Mbatha starts his job as a pastor. Gabisile needs to be Nkunzi’s spouse.

Friday eighteen October 2019 (Episode 185)Qhabanga is discharged from hospital and once more turns to alcohol for comfort and solace. Mbatha’s enthusiasm ends up in him preaching for hours on finish therefore boring the congregants.

Monday twenty one October 2019 (Episode 186)Khathaza discovers that MaNgcobo killed Steleka. Gabisile commits to creating MaMlambo’s life a living hell. Fikile needs to maneuver back to Kuvukiland.

Tuesday twenty two October 2019 (Episode 187)Nkunzi realises that he must straight off get obviate MaNgcobo however circumstances don’t permit him to. Gabisile enjoys sidelining MaMlambo from her wifelike duties.

Wednesday twenty three October 2019 (Episode 188)Khathaza gets robbed of a prized possession and this leaves MaNgcobo fuming. Gabisile finds in a different way to cause a rift between MaMlambo and Nkunzi.

Thursday twenty four October 2019 (Episode 189)Nkunzi threatens to kick out MaMlambo. Sbu doesn’t wish to circumcise. Khathaza distemper MaNgcobo.

Friday twenty five October 2019 (Episode 190)Gabisile keeps finding additional ways that to torture MaMlambo and loves each minute of it. Sibonelo needs to apologise to Nonka for pain her however learns that she too has enraptured on from him whereas Sbu chickens out of obtaining circumcised.

Monday twenty eight October 2019 (Episode 191)When secrets, plots and half-truths reign, not even love is enough.

Tuesday twenty nine October 2019 (Episode 192)Khathaza puts his manhood to the take a look at.

Wednesday thirty October 2019 (Episode 193)Gabisile continues to form MaMlambo suffer by victimisation Mazaza. Sbu thinks sleeping in an exceedingly onesie is that the solely manner he will hold himself from eager to couple with Fikile.

Thursday thirty one October 2019 (Episode 194)Qhabanga and Nkunzi place one another at death’s door – one in every of them has got to die. Khathaza and MaNgcobo got to reach an agreement on the Steleka issue and it’s demanding.

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