Once there was a King 14 January 2022: Kokilla takes Kunwar ji along, they had make a plan that they will tell Seth ji about Gayatri’s injury. They way Seth ji will take his daughter back home. They head towards the way, some men come from behind and kidnap Kunwar ji. Kokilla remains crying.

Gayatri sat besides Rana ji. She tells him to go as she has to rest. He tells her to lay down first, then he will leave. A servant brings soup. Rana ji tells him to taste it. He watches his hand first, then lets him go. Gayatri tells Rana ji that he has been working in the palace for the last twenty years, still he suspects him. Rana ji asks if she will teach him what to do. Gayatri tries to hold the tray, but couldn’t. she tells Rana ji that she can eat by her own self, and holds the bowl. Rana ji takes bowl from her hand, she jerks one bite. He tries again. She jerks again. He doesn’t back off. Finally she takes the bite but with a serious mood. She clears her throat and points at him for the handkey. He holds it and says she behaves as a five year old child. Gayatri says that a seven years old boy left her in forest last night. Yashoda brings medicines, Gayatri says she doesn’t want to eat bitter medicines. Rana ji tells her to take them without a word. She puts the tablets in the glass and Rana ji for water, she gulps them in and nods. Rana ji straightens up. Yashoda hands Gayatri her boo, and whispers that she hasn’t seen Rana ji caring for someone so much. Rana ji hears this but doesn’t say a word. Gayatri yawns saying she is going to sleep now. Rana ji tells her to rest, and heads to leave. Gayatri slaps the book on table. Rana ji asks what happened. Gayatri says she doesn’t feel like sleeping, he must call Swarna to read her a story. Rana ji says she has gone to her parent’s house. Gayatri asks when, why, how? That is why she wondered why she hasn’t come worried about her. Rana ji tells her to ask this all when she arrives, but right now Gayatri must rest. Gayatri goes towards the bed, Rana ji walks out of her room.

Kunwar ji was insisting that he didn’t do the attack on Gayatri. He says that good aimers cost too much, he doesn’t have enough money to buy himself a wine bottle. The men try Kunwar ji who was blind folded, to spit something but he doesn’t. Rana ji who stood behind the door tells the men to keep inquiring and punish him for some other mistakes as well. He wonders who got the attack if not Kunwar ji.

Gayatri was reading in her room, her arm ached. Rana ji comes in, takes the book and says he will read for her. She stops him, but he stares. He reads the romantic lines in story. It seemed as their own story. Rana stopped with every line. He stops at an intimate scene, Rana ji asks what kind of book this is. Gayatri who was trying to avoid, says she had forbidden him. She says this is a love story. Rana ji asks what kind of a love story this is, this is mere craziness. He tells Gayatri to read religious and philosophical books. He begins to read one, but Gayatri had long fallen asleep. He makes way for her on the couch to rest, and sleeps on chair himself. Gayatri wakes up in the middle of night, Rana ji who was sleeping on the chair wakes up. Gayatri wound was bleeding, he asks why she didn’t wake him up. She tells him to leave it and go to sleep, but he gets a dressing. Gayatri feels pain, Rana ji looks at her, then does her dressing as she cried in pain. He changes her bandage, then asks if it pained.

Gayatri says she wants to ask him a question, if this care is being done by Amirkot’s Raja or a husband. Rana ji says she will get her answers once she gets well. Gayatri says that Raja of Amirkot has no right to touch her, only her husband is. Rana ji says he just want her to recover soon. Gayatri says that a Raja, one says will come close to her, the next day he will blame her for getting him closer to herself. And the Rana of Amirkot thinks of her as a low charactered lady. She requests the Rana of Amirkot to leave her room, else she will leave by herself. He stops her and says he will leave by himself. Gayatri silently pleads him to turn once, he also knows she is his wife. Rana ji goes out of the room, then turns and comes back inside. Gayatri heads towards him. He takes his chair with him and sits outside. He thinks that either she wishes or not, it is his duty to take care of his Raani, and that he will.

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