Once there was a King 17 January 2022: Once there was a King update Monday 17th January 2022; Gayatri thanks Rana ji for bringing her here. Rana ji says he isn’t a Rana here but only Indravadhan. Laksh slaps Swarna, he knocks her down and says if she wanted this marriage to end. Swarna pushes him away and goes to get a glass by breaking the jug. She warns him that if he tries to come near her she will forget he is her husband. Laksh again takes her by neck and says he didn’t ever want a woman, but no one thought about her. Kunwar ji wanted an heir only. Swarna again pushes him to bed. Laksh loses conscious. Swarna cries on her fate.

Mala brings food and says today the meal is a bit less. Gayatri thanks her saying anything served with love is enough. Rana ji says he isn’t hungry. Gayatri says one must eat by distributing the food. Rana ji says he doesn’t want to, Gayatri says she won’t eat as well. Rana ji thinks that Gayatri is weak, he watches Mala and her husband putting bites into each other’s mouth. He smiles and comes to Gayatri, he asks her to eat else she won’t get well. She asks how he will take care of her if he doesn’t eat. Rana ji takes a bite and says he is eating. Gayatri sits up at once, her hands were dusty. Rana ji stops her to go, he puts bites in her mouth, and she tells him to eat by himself too. At night, Gayatri and Rana ji both lay down.

Gayatri asks if he is asleep, Rana ji says he is sleeping, she must also fell asleep. Gayatri says she saw he was smiling looking at Mala and her husband, if he remembered Rani Surakshna watching them. Rana ji thinks about Surakshana. He sits up. Gayatri sits up as well, she says she knows she has touched the injury. But she wants to heal it, she wants to see him smiling always. He has come to Dargah today, he has got another chance. She says he isn’t a normal human being, he is a Raja and he has to take care of his people as well, isn’t it. She keeps a hand on his shoulder, he holds her hand and jerks it away. He says she will get tired if she speaks a lot, she must sleep. He leaves the room.

In the morning, Rana ji serves people with others. He comes to an old woman, she was crying and not eating. Gayatri also comes there and smiles watching Rana ji. She covers her head and notices the old woman not eating. She helps her take a bite who was crying. Rana ji watches Gayatri make the old woman eat. Mala asks Rana ji since when he has been working. Rana ji asks who this old lady is. Mala says she had only one young son who died in a fight with British, she had gone to Amirkot’s Raja but these prince never meet normal people. She gossips with him that after the death of his first wife, the prince went on a war. He only returned now and even now, only his body has returned. What is the use of a prince who lives in his past? Rana ji is shocked at all this and leaves.

Kokilla and Kunwar ji both stand outside Laksh’s room, anxiously waiting what happened inside. Swarna notices their presence and opens the door. Kokilla enters and asks Swarna if it was night or wedding night. She watches Laksh asleep on bed. Laksh is shocked watching Kokilla, she blesses Laksh and asks Swarna if everything is alright. Laksh stands and holds Swarna saying she is tired, she couldn’t sleep for the whole night and must take rest. Kokilla leaves the room. Laksh straightens Swarna and cuts her face with a glass, he warns her if she tries to tell anyone about the truth, this glass is really sharp and she is very delicate. Swarna cries.

Rana ji comes out, he finds an awe tucked on a wood. He throws his shawl away and starts chopping the wood in frustration. Mala’s words echo in his mind. Gayatri comes and watches him, she stops him saying she didn’t know he will be so much hurt. Rana ji says he was so much into his love, he only saw his own pain and not the tears of others. He loved Surakshna and forgot other people also have a right on his life. Surakshna wanted him to be the best Raja, but he forgot his people. He get more enraged, and cries getting on the floor. Gayatri sits besides and holds his face. He holds her hand and says it isn’t her mistake, it is his. She loved the wrong person, she shouldn’t have loved him. The truth is that he isn’t worth being a Raja. Gayatri forbids him to say so, he hugs her and cries.

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