Once there was a King 24 January 2022: Once there was a King update Monday 24th January 2022 Rana ji was in corridor, Gayatri comes there and asks to talk to him. He asks her to come inside the room. Gayatri was angry, she complains how anyone can touch her things in the palace, she never bear it in her parent’s house even. Rana ji kneels down. Gayatri asks what he is doing. He says he is the culprit, she can give her any punishment. He says that he had made a promise with her, from today everything that is his is hers too. He shows her the decorated dressing table, and says this room will also be shared.

Gayatri holds the stick from his hand and prevents it from standing, she says he has to get punished for not telling her before about it, so he must stay out of the room until she decorates it according to herself. Rana ji takes the order and goes out, Gayatri shuts the door but both smile at each other. Rana ji leaves. The veiled lady was standing there nearby.

Laksh opens the trunck, Swarna gets up. He says that he has got her meal, and shouts at her to eat. She denies. He says he had forgotten, how she can eat today as she is fasting for his long life today. He says she is so great, after so much she has remembered this day. He must first get her fast broken and goes to get water. He pours water in the glass when Swarna knocks his head with a stick. She cries and runs out of the room.

Gayatri decorates the room, Rana ji knocks at the door and asks if he can come inside now. Gayatri calls him in and asks how their room looks. Rana ji says she has changed everything, where he will find his things. Gayatri says he has shared the room with her, she will get him whatever he wants, not from the room only but for anything in life. She forbids him from sitting on the left side of the bed, she says that since childhood she can’t sleep until she watches moon from window. Rana ji says she just promised him anything in life, he wants to sit on the left side. Gayatri struggles with Rana ji, Rana ji drags her on the bed and says alright, she can watch the moon from window and he will only watch her. Gayatri leaves saying he can see the moon only when she has prayed the moon of Karwachot.

Swarna was in the corridor afraid that if Kunwar ji or Kokilla watch her here, she won’t be able to run. She cries for help. Raaj Mata was standing on the other side of corridor instructing her servants to set the henna and bangles, she doesn’t want anything less in Gayatri’s Karwachot. Swarna runs towards her, but Laksh drags her inside shutting her mouth. Raaj Mata wonders Swarna’s voice was this, but the servants say she is in her parent’s house. Raaj Mata says she must just be suspecting about it. Laksh ties and locks Swarna again in the trunk.

Gayatri got the henna done, Kokilla chose the bangles. Gayatri asks for red, glass bangles. Kokilla says that Gayatri must have forgotten that she isn’t a daughter of a businessman but a Rani now. Cheap bangles doesn’t suit a Rani. Gayatri says a wife doesn’t decorate herself with diamonds or expensive jewelry but the love her their husband. Raaj Mata and Rana ji also heard this. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that she liked that Rana ji cared about Gayatri’s first Karwachot here. She wants him to give some gift to her as well, before moon sighting because that is a must for Karwachot.
Gayatri sat in her room being irritated by her hair.

Rana ji comes to sit beside her, she points at him and he tucks her hair behind her ear. He says there is another ritual in Karwachot, about giving a gift. What she wants now. Gayatri says if she can fast for him, can’t he select a gift for her. She heads towards the wardrobe, he opens it and takes all the sarees out for her to choose. He says that before the moon sighting if she wants anything, he can get her in time. He gets Gayatri that she wants him to know about what is in her heart, then get this to her as well. She says yes. He calls her stubborn. She asks him to think about something, and poses not to car while smiling.
Gayatri set her thaal. Kokilla asks when will the moon sight.

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Rana ji gets her a laddoo and tells her to eat without telling anyone. Gayatri says she has fast for his long life, it will be a sin to eat something between and leaves. She run through the corridor but Rana ji comes from the front and stops her way. He touches her cheek, she wonders something is there. He brings about rose for her. Gayatri takes them but throw them away angrily. He let go of some fireflies from his hand, she smiles with them but is angry with Rana ji again.

Rana ji comes to her, he says that flowers wilt. He wanted to give her a feeling, it will remain with her always. He knocks Gayatri on the wall, holds her getting intimate with each other. The veiled lady watched this.

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