Once there was a King 12 February 2022: Once there was a King update Saturday 12th February 2022 Raaj Mata calls Swarna, Gayatri, and Kokilla to come with her for the Pooja. It is said that a Princess mistakenly killed a man near the well, so now the Raani’s do Pooja there in similarly colored dresses and play Holi with Sindoor so that no bad time ever comes on the palace. Rana Ji brings Bari Rani maa on a wheelchair and says there will be no bad times now. Bari Rani maa says if there is a daughter-in-law like Gayatri, there can’t be anything bad. Gayatri says she wouldn’t let anyone do any bad to the palace, be it a new one or an old person. Bari Rani maa says she will go with the ladies to bless them. She calls Gayatri to hug, whispers that Gayatri is a child in the game. As soon as Gayatri separates from Bari Rani maa she pushes the wheelchair behind, calling Rana ji for help. Rana ji asks Gayatri to be careful. Rana ji leaves with Bari Rani maa annoyed at Gayatri.

Kunwar Ji and Laksh stood together. Laksh says he won’t give his name to the child if it is born to Swarna. Kunwar Ji threatens him that if he does so, he would take his name from Laksh. Laksh is shocked. Kunwar ji says Laksh is Chotay Kunwar only because of Kunwar ji’s name.

Bari Rani Maa comes out, Gayatri turns to face her and sends the maid saying she will take care of her. She sits beside Bari Rani maa and says that today Bari Rani maa’s hands full of blood will come to Rana Ji. She nods at Raaj Mata. Bari Rani maa is worried. Gayatri goes for pooja, Raaj Mata let go of a snake. Bari Rani maa is afraid of the snake, the snake is ready to attack her. Bari Raani maa tries to get back on her chair. Gayatri tells Bari Rani maa not to worry, she won’t let her die so easily. She will kill Bari Rani maa herself, no one will recognize her here because everyone looks the same. She can end her like a sword. She takes Bari Rani maa’s wheelchair towards the well, there comes a bump as the chair hits the wall. Gayatri says this is for planting a bomb in their car, another one for breaking their marriage, another for bringing fake Sulakshna, for making her a maid of Sulakshna, forgetting her electric shocks considering her crazy. She takes the seat of Bari Rani maa towards the well, no one was there. Gayatri says why is she again scared, she had told Bari Rani maa that there won’t be a game every time. Bari Rani maa stands up with a jerk of the hand. Gayatri is shocked to see him and gets to the wall of well. Bari Rani maa pushes Gayatri into the well and shouts that Gayatri fell in the well. All the ladies go towards the well, Gayatri calls for help. Bari Rani maa laughs out loud, faking cry. Rana ji hears Gayatri’s call for help. He rushes outside, while Raaj Mata calls some servant to help Gayatri.

Gayatri was drowning, thinking about Rana ji. She called him for help, turns helplessly in the well, and is about to drown. His promises to her. Swarna, Raaj Mata, and everyone were worried watching Gayatri motionless. They cry her name. Rana ji hurries downstairs, Kunwar ji stops him saying where he is going. Rana ji says something has happened to Gayatri. Kunwar ji says men aren’t allowed in the pooja, Rana ji doesn’t listen and says he can’t break their ritual. Gayatri was still motionless and gets straight as the servant wraps her feel with the cloth piece he had thrown. They help her out of the well, unconscious. The ladies try to wake her up. Bari Rani maa smiles evilly. Swarna was worried, she looks at Raaj Mata who was crying. Swarna cries too, calling Gayatri. Gayatri was motionless. Bari Rani maa says she learned her game’s rule, but she forgot the result. The one who digs the good fells in it by herself. She poses to cry.

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