Once there was a King 15 January 2022: Gayatri wonders if Rana ji was sitting outside her room whole night as he was asleep on chair. She comes to drape him with a quilt. He holds her hand. Yashoda comes there, Gayatri removes her hand from the quilt. Yashoda asks how is she. Gayatri says it is better. Yashoda says it had to get better, Rana ji has taken care of her the whole night.

Gayatri asks if he didn’t sleep for the whole night. Yashoda says he was taking care of her medicines and slept a while ago, should she wake him up. Gayatri recalls that Rana ji likes black coffee in the morning, she says she will first make it then wake him up. Her dress was stuck on the chair, she takes it and leaves
Gayatri hears Rana ji telling Minister that they must sell their second palace, he has to get rid of his debt till this Diwali. The minister leaves.

Gayatri brings the coffee, she aches while sitting. Rana ji says he has already asked her to take rest. Gayatri says she won’t go. Rana ji says there are servants for all this, and takes Gayatri’s hand. Gayatri says that this is her rights as a wife, he isn’t fulfilling his duties but she has little time, till Diwali, to take care of those rights. She says that he was just showing off while caring, he also wants her to leave the palace as soon as possible. She says that this debt isn’t on him alone but also on her. She tells Rana ji that he can do anything he wants to, but she is a wife and will only do what is right.

Gayatri comes to the corridor and watches the servant cleaning a chandelier for Diwali. She takes its rope. Rana ji comes and asks what she is doing. She says she wants to free him from debt, she will do all the cleaning for Diwali to save the money to be given to servants. Rana ji snatches the rope and meanwhile Gayatri is hurt at her forehead. Rana ji is concerned, he takes her to her bed and rubs her feet and hands. He pours water on her face. Gayatri doesn’t move. Rana ji calls for doctor. Doctor checks on Gayatri, he says he had already warned him that her condition is weak. Any mental condition can make her condition worse. He apologizes that he can’t save her. Yashoda comes and says to Rana ji that when the medicines lose, prayers work. She tells him about a Dargah. Rana ji says he doesn’t believe in this all, Yashoda says Gayatri does, he must go there for her. He must go there as a common person. She takes a leave. Rana ji watches Gayatri.

Gayatri was in the car, Rana ji takes her out in his arms and heads inside. He helps Gayatri sit by the side, removes her hair from her face, then goes to wash his hand and face. A small girl tells him to wrap the cloth on his head and cover Gayatri’s head as well. He tries to hold Gayatri, who fells on him as if hugging. He brings her near to Dargah, then prays there. He tells the caretaker that he wants to meet Baba Mastana, his wife is really unwell. The caretaker says he must write his name outside and wait in the queue. Rana ji says he isn’t used to wait, maybe he hasn’t recognized him. He comes to a man who calls from behind, the man says that here one doesn’t raise his voice. Rana ji apologizes and says his wife is really ill, he can’t wait anymore. The man touches Gayatri with a peacock feather, then asks Rana ji to open her mouth. He asks Rana ji to open her mouth and put a medicine in it. Rana ji asks why she isn’t opening her mouth.

The man says medicines and prayers both are working, one never gets before time and without fate. He tells Rana ji that he has to stay here this night. Rana ji says they can’t spend night here. The man laughs that neither a man comes with his own will, nor leaves. He came here holding the fate of finger and will leave holding it, may be it takes till tomorrow morning, may be a month. The amn says the without the will of God, a leaf cannot even move, he is a man only. He tells Rana ji that he will find a way as well as answers to all his questions. Rana ji looks towards the Dargah, holds Gayatri to leave. A cloth comes flying and fell on them both. The man in black clothes turn behind, watches them and says those who get this cloth are the blessed ones, this is the answer to all his questions.

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