Once there was a King 26 February 2022: Once there was a King update Saturday 26th February 2022 Kunwar ji forwards the hand of friendship to Avdesh. Gayatri and Rana ji await his reply. Avdesh shouts at Kunwar ji to go out now. He can never think about it. Rana ji smiles victoriously. Avdesh takes his sword out. Kunwar ji is frightened at once and says he is leaving. Avdesh says nothing should happen to Rana ji. Avdesh thinks that to win the trust, one has to win it first. Now the game would be fun.

Gayatri makes Swarna drink soup with her own hands, she complains that Swarna didn’t tell her about her illness. Swarna hugs Gayatri and says she already has so many tensions. Gayatri asks Swarna if Laksh takes care of her? Swarna thinks about Cheetah and says yes, he takes care of her. Gayatri says Kunwar ji keeps good care of her, she had never thought he would be so caring. Swarna thinks about Cheetah and says she took him really wrong. Gayatri says to Swarna that her mother says one must smoke the house with Kapoor when someone is ill. She heads to leave. Swarna wonders how she must tell Gayatri that she is thinking not about Laksh but a stranger.

In the palace hall, Avdesh gets a gift happily. Rana ji asks what this is. Avdesh says it must be from Raajeshwari. She remembers his birthday always is today. He brings about a little bottle. Gayatri asks what this is. He says this must contain Rajeshwari’s blood just to remind they are bound with a relation.

Rana ji asks where his sister is. Avdesh says she is like a free wind breeze that is nowhere but is everywhere. Raaj Mata greets him. Avdesh touches her feet, she blesses him. Avdesh asks her permission to call her Maa as a gift. Raaj Mata nods. Rana ji asks Avdesh if he wouldn’t ask him for a gift. Avdesh says he won’t be able to give that to him. Rana ji promises he will give that to him. Avdesh cheers, and says he wants to defeat Rana ji once. Rana ji says winning and losing matter when they weren’t friends and today is the day of celebration. Today, his birthday will be celebrated in the palace. Avdesh cheers and says for the first time, he is going to celebrate his birthday on his own. He had a lot of money in life, but he is witnessing love for the first time. Kokilla and Kunwar ji hear this, Kokilla curses him for asking a chance while he denied Kunwar ji’s help then. Kunwar ji says he isn’t any simple person but promises Kokilla to win him tonight.

Swarna gets ready, she looks behind to find Cheetah looking at her. He says he came to tell her that guests are here. Swarna nods and holds Cheetah’s hand. She says thank you to him for everything. Laksh comes and watches them. He says that function is only for royal people. Swarna leaves Cheetah’s hand. Laksh says beggars like him aren’t required there, it is a sitting company, not a bed. He holds Swarna’s hand and takes her out of the room.

Rana ji plays piano in the party. Gayatri enjoys it watching him. Avdesh looks at her. Kunwar ji appreciates Rana ji. Rana ji says today Avdesh called Raaj Mata as Maa, their relation isn’t only friendship but brotherhood. A brother is never denied of anything, he will give Avdesh a chance for what he wants. Avdesh says there is no liability to fulfill his wish. Rana Ji asks in which game Avdesh wants him to either defeat him or get defeated. Avdesh gives Rana ji a gun, he goes backward and says they must now see who takes a good aim among them. He keeps a glass over his head. Rana ji takes the aim. Raaj Mata says a game is a way to make oneself happy. Gayatri says they won’t play this game, what if any of them get hit. Avdesh says he has no worry now, he will welcome death even. He would think that the world’s most beautiful woman stopped his husband for him.

Gayatri says this is no game, they don’t need to stake his life for celebration. Avdesh comes to Gayatri and apologizes to her, he says he never had relations and bonding, then how he would understand it. He says he and his sister have always played such games, he understands for them this is a strange one. Gayatri asks him not to apologize again and again. Avdesh says to Rana ji that not everyone gets everything in life. Rana ji says he had promised Avdesh that he would get a chance, it isn’t necessary that one stake life in every game. Avdesh says he doesn’t want to make Rana ji lose. Rana ji asks he himself also doesn’t want to lose, then who will lose? Avdesh says luck. Rana ji wonders what is that game. Avdesh says it is Choker.

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