Once there was a King 13 February 2022: Rana Ji watches the ladies come crying. Swarna cries hugging Rana Ji, he asks what happened. Swarna stammers Gayatri. He asks what happened to Gayatri, but Swarna cries. He looks at everyone, then asks where Gayatri is?

Raaj Mata remembers Gayatri’s drowning. Rana Ji is shocked. He says no, this isn’t possible. He asks Swarna if this is a lie. He goes calling Gayatri while the men bring Gayatri on a handmade stretcher. They lay her on the floor. Rana Ji falls beside her. He calls Gayatri to wake up saying she can’t leave him. He says when he wants her to stop talking, she keeps on talking but now why is she silent. Raaj Mata cries. Rana ji goes to her and asks her to tell Gayatri to wake up. He pleads Swarna, Kunwar ji and goes to Bari Rani maa as well. He holds Gayatri in his arm and apologizes to her. He cries thinking about being with her. He shouts her name, in agony.

In the palace, Gayatri was draped in a bridal dress on her death bed. Everyone stood there, Wilkonson’s comes there too. Gayatri’s mother comes crying for her. Raaj Mata is upset watching her pain. She says to Rana ji that a bride’s bidding is done with all formalities of a bride, she gives Sindoor in Rana ji’s hand. He picks up some of it and puts it into Gayatri’s head. He remembers the vows they had taken along. Bari Rani maa clears her throat, the women talked to each other that there is a problem in Rana ji’s birth chart. None of his wives lived. Raaj Mata remembers Pandit ji’s warning. Bari Rani Maa says to the ladies that they have no idea what and when to speak. Rana ji says they are right, it is all his mistake. His mistakes are uncountable, he only gave Gayatri pain only.

Raaj Mata says if Rana ji is broken, who would take care of Amirkot. Rana ji says he couldn’t fulfil responsibilities of a husband even. He goes to Kunwar ji, he says his own breathes are a burden to him now. He requests Kunwar ji to take the throne of Amirkot and be the new Raja of Amirkot. Raaj mata is shocked and asks what he is saying. Bari Rani maa calls that this isn’t possible. She cries that Gayatri’s death caused pain to all of them, but someone’s death doesn’t stop life. She says that Rana ji can’t leave his throne. Rana ji says Gayatri never wanted this throne, she wanted a simple life. But he will relive her wishes, he will live a simple life in foreign. He tells Mr. Wilkonsons to make arrangements for crowning of Kunwar ji. He wants it to happen tomorrow, he doesn’t want to spend a single day in this palace without Gayatri. Bari Rani maa thinks that she won the game so easily, but she can’t celebrate today.

Gayatri’s last rituals are performed by Rana ji. He remembers his promise that even death can’t separate them now. He places a hand on the coffin for one last time, then burns it. Bari Rani maa views this all from a telescope. Kunwar ji and Gayatri’s brother come to Rana ji. Bari Rani maa smiles victoriously.

At night, Rana ji stood on the terrace. He recalls Gayatri had said that left side of bed is hers as she can’t sleep without seeing the moon. He remembers his words to her, and cries watching the moon. Gayatri had said to him once that relations are made in skies. Rana ji had told her that he was always friend with stars. She had told him she was always enemy with them, because her mother said they contain fate and she always wanted to change his fate. Rana ji calls Gayatri to come back.

Laksh and Kunwar ji drink together, sitting on the chair. He says he misses Kokilla today as she won’t be able to see this success. Laksh puts on the crown on Kunwar ji’s head. Kunwar ji boasts that he looks like a Maharaj. He has come to know it today how dreams come true. Bari rani maa claps that he is celebrating without the eyes who first dreamt about it.
Raaj mata keeps a hand on Rana ji’s shoulder and says she wants to show him something. He takes his attention there.

Kunwar ji says to Bari Rani maa that till today he has seen people get thrones in inheritance. But no one has ever seen a crown won in games. Bari Rani maa says she crossed all the limits to get it.

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