Once there was a King 20 February 2022: Once there was a King update Sunday 20th February 2022 The veiled man tells his elder that his blood hasn’t solidified yet, it reminds him of his past that anything in life can be snatched from you at any time. He says he will get what he was of him. The elder man asks how, Indhravadan has his whole army. The veiled man says he will be enough for Indravadhan, his army and this palace, Amirkot and Gayatri all will be his.
In the morning, Rana ji and Gayatri prayed outside the palace.
The horseman rides through the forest.

Pandit ji asks Rana ji and Gayatri to finish the Pooja done for the peace of Amirkot. They ask Rana ji to gift the water of five rivers to God. The horseman reached outside the palace, he threw an arrow to break the water pot. They were all shocked and look around as he comes into the palace riding the horse. Rana ji goes to him and asks what the reason of this mockery is, had he not saved his wife’s life he would have punished him by now. Why he enter someone else’s life without an invitation.

The man reads in poetic verse that he has come to his own house, why he would ask permission. He says this is his house. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji who is this man? The man says it isn’t his mistake Rana Indravadhan, he gets involved in other things. He says he had given his introduction yesterday even, he is the Maharaja of Amirkot. Rana ji says that is all, he saved his wife’s life doesn’t mean he would misbehave. Gayatri says he calls him Raja and doesn’t have manners to speak to others, if he has to say something he must come down the horse and speak to him.

He comes to Rana ji and calls him Rana indravadhan Singh son of Rana ji Premvadhan Singh son of Rana Surivadhan Singh son of Rana Prithvivadhan Singh. Rana ji asks why he is giving his family’s introduction. He asks Raaj Mata if she would tell him who is he, or should he tell it by himself. Rana ji asks him to get straight. He shouts his name, Himmat Singh Chohan, father of Gajer Singh Chohan and his son is Avdesh Singh Chohan, that is me. Rana ji asks how he got the authority to call himself the Maharaja of Amirkot. He asks Raaj Mata if she didn’t teach him the history of Amirkot. Rana ji asks him to be straight, what he wants? He says Amirkot! He says Amirkot was his legacy, it is his now. Rana ji smiles. Raaj Mata says thrones belong to kings, not those who run away. Raaj Mata says Rana ji’s grandfather had won Amirkot in a war.

The man says that even robbers show their right on the robbed things, it doesn’t mean it belongs to them. He says he will win Amirkot in the fight. Gayatri says those times have gone when decisions were taken with swords. Rana ji says his sword is always raised in right, not for someone crazy like him to challenge him. The man says that in Rana ji’s vein only water flows, not the blood. Rana ji says he is a Rajput, he will give him the prove tomorrow that on Amirkot’s throne lions ruled and a lion does. The man challenges him for tomorrow with the onset of dawn, they will decide whom Amirkot belong to. He asks Gayatri to pray to Rana ji, Gayatri says not Rana ji but he needs the prayers. They cross swords with each other.

Cheetah holds Swarna’s hand in the corridor. She tells him to leave right now, what if Laksh watches them. Cheetah says he always thought that only greedy lived in a palace, but there is a glass doll as well. His mother always told him the story of the palace, he won’t leave until he feels she is safe. Swarna tells him that Lakshraj is her husband, she is safe with him. Cheetah says that there is no relation between an eagle and a sparrow. He says he is a roadman, still, he promises that he will not let anyone ruin her life. Swarna says the right of saving her is only with Lakshraj, Cheetah has no relation with her. He must not increase her problems, and she won’t meet her again.

Gayatri tells Rana ji that he won’t fight this challenge. Kunwar ji asks if they must hide in their palace if someone challenges him in their own palace. Gayatri says Rana ji must not have accepted the challenge. Gayatri says that subjects aren’t the property of Rana ji that he staked it. Rana ji says it isn’t about the subjects of Amirkot, it is about the respect of Amirkot. Should he have sat in the palace, like the women with bangles? Gayatri says this fight should have been fought with cunningness. She says that the man won’t fight like a true Rajput. Rana ji asks whom she doubts, his sword or bravery. He says there will be this fight.

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