Once there was a King 27 February 2022: Once there was a King update Sunday 27th February 2022 Avdesh says to Rana ji that they will play Choker, where fate determines what is right and what is wrong. Rana ji says he won’t play it. Kunwar ji says this game is played since the time of Mahabharat. At that time, times used to back up only from it.

Rana ji says they can play something else as well. Kunwar ji says this is the safest game, his game will be there in his hands. Avdesh challenges Rana ji to prove that not only his sword, his fate is also better than Avdesh. If he loses, his soul will get peace. Kokilla bucks Rana ji to say yes. Gayatri was worried, Rana ji thinks for a while. He says he is ready. Avdesh thinks he knew Rana ji would give him a chance, and he will take full advantage of this chance.

Kunwar ji tells the rules of the game and calls to begin the game. Avdesh says he wants to make a bid. Rana ji says they are here to play Choker here. Avdesh says there will be fun. Kunwar ji says they must fulfil the conditions. Gayatri thinks about Rana ji’s annoyance when she didn’t trust him last time. Rana ji looks at Gayatri to listen to her consent. Avdesh says he has heard that his mother’s hand has great taste, if he wins Raaj Mata will cook for him for a week. He says the one who will lose will have to take a drink. He says seven.

Rana ji says he is sorry that Raaj Mata will have to cook for one week. Raaj Mata says she will love to cook for her son. Rana ji asks for Avdesh’s horse. He says ten and throws the dice saying he met Gayatri on tenth for the first time. Avdesh says he is playing with Lakshmi by his side, he can’t lose. The game goes on. Raaj Mata and Gayatri get worried. Gayatri tells Rana ji that he has drunk too much. Avdesh says he already told him that the one who can’t control his drink can’t control his wife also. Rana ji says he can control both. Kunwar ji says now Rana ji has begun to win. Raaj Mata asks Kunwar ji not to interfere. Avdesh says Raaj Mata is right, he needs to see what is left with the royalty of Amirkot to stake. Rana ji stands up and goes out of the hall. Gayatri goes behind him.

In the room, Rana Ji was taking out all the money and jewelry from the locker. Gayatri says Kunwar ji wants to trap him, and what he is doing. Rana Ji says Kunwar ji couldn’t do anything wrong to him. Rana ji says that this time it is the respect of Amirkot, he will stake it all and win it all this time. Gayatri says he isn’t in his senses.

Rana ji says he is in his full senses, she must bring this all downstairs. Gayatri comes behind him stopping Rana ji, her dress gets stuck with a nail. Avdesh holds it and says he freed her. He asks Gayatri if she is angry at him, if she asks him he will lose. Gayatri says if he wants to do something for her he must try to win, this victory or loss may affect him not her and Rana ji. She says until she and Rana ji are together, nothing can affect him. Had she been trapped in something wrong, she would have gotten rid of it herself. Avdesh says they will now see how turns this game. Avdesh says this is the last stake, either there will be a whole victory or a whole loss. But he must only play if he would want to. Rana ji accepts. Avdesh says in the game of fate, everything will be at stake. Money, land, and lady. Rana ji straightens up at once. Everyone else is also shocked. Raaj Mata stands up, shouts that’s it. He says that Avdesh is crossing his limits now.

Avdesh says this is the principle in Choker. Rana ji says this isn’t Mahabharat. He says that Avdesh has shown his position. Avdesh says Rana ji is leaving the ground, his head is available to him. Rana ji says hadn’t Raaj Mata called him her son, his head won’t be on his neck. Avdesh says Rana ji had promised him to give a chance, now he is running away when it is time to fulfill the promise. Rana ji returns, Gayatri says he won’t play. Rana ji stops her and says Avdesh wants a chance because he knows already that he isn’t equal to Rana ji. Avdesh says at least he isn’t running away from the ground.

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