Once there was a King 30 January 2022: Once there was a King update Sunday 30th January 2022 Sulakshna holds the dropped ring before Rana ji. Rana ji turns towards the window, he says this is true that she is his first love and he had learned loving with her. But he had lost everything once she had gone. Gayatri isn’t his friend’s wife but his own. Jhumki didn’t want to hear about it, the veiled lady comes and hurt her with a wooden stick. When it doesn’t work, she make a cut on her wrist and hides herself. Rana ji turns to find Sulkahsna conciousless.

Rana ji asks Sulakshna why she did so. Bari Rani maa comes and says that she couldn’t bear about his second marriage and attempted a suicide. She assures Rana ji that she is with him always.

Bari raani maa comes to Gayatri, she says to Gayatri that life is tough. There are thorns with flowers, one has to learn to live with both. She says to Gayatri that tonight is the night of Kaali maa, she will pray and Gayatri must also pray. She leaves the room.

Cheetah stops the tractor where Laksh men had been searching for Swarna. He tells Swarna that they will have to leave the car here. Swarna says she didn’t do something wrong. Cheetah asks her to come down the car, the gun fell down his shirt as he comes out of the tractor. He points it towards her, holds her mouth shut being close to her. Cheetah gulps and says a thief also has a gun. He gives it to Swarna and says if she ever thinks he is betraying her she must shoot him. He tells her to keep it to herself. Swarna says they must leave this place. Both run into the jungle.

Rana ji was standing in front of Gayatri’s car, he holds her out of the car. She tells him to let her leave. Rana ji says if this isn’t enough that each of his moment is made a hell. Gayatri asks what he wants her to do then, let Sulakshna hurt herself. She had lied to Sulakshna and Sulakshna is injured just because of her, he must let her leave. Rana ji confronts her, then leaves. Gayatri turns to see him holding his hand on the candle flames in temple. Gayatri shouts his name and runs to him. He says it doesn’t matter if he is burnt. Gayatri couldn’t hold his hand up so she keeps hers under his hand. He holds her hand and asks what she is doing. She watches the burn in his hand, her tear fell on his burns. He holds that in his fist. He says after Sulakshna’s arrival she is no longer a Rani, but she will always be his wife and no one can snatch this right from her. She nods, he smiles and takes her along.

Cheetah and Swarna arrive at a room in forest. He says he is going to get something eat. She asks if it is necessary for him to go. He watches her and says they can’t fight being hungry. He tells her to lock the door and gives a marked sound at which she should only open the door. She thinks that she never felt this safe with her husband ever. There is a knock at the door, Sulakshna is shocked to open the door. Kunwar ji and Kokilla come inside. Swarna tells them to stay away from her and points the gun at them. Kunwar ji asks if she dares to hold gun at him. Swarna pulls the trigger but there is no bullet in it. He asks if her savior Cheetah was a cheat. Kunwar ji says Cheetah works for him.

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Cheetah enters the room. Swarna thinks that she shouldn’t have trusted him, it was her mistake to trust him. Cheetah says she must trust him else they will not leave her. Swarna asks what they want from her, they must leave her. Kokilla says she has told her so many times that they want an heir. Swarna says that she must understand, the problem is in her son. Laksh isn’t interested in her. Kokilla says what if Lakshraj can’t give them an heir, someone else can do it. Swarna looks at Cheetah understanding the game. Kunwar ji smiles mockingly. She fell on the bed crying.

The Kaali maa pooja went on. The veiled lady beat drum hard on a stormy night. She finishes it and goes into the temple making prayer with it. Jhumki comes there. Kokilla and Kunwar ji also come there. The veiled lady turns to give them aarti. Kunwar ji touches her feet. She removes her veil off her face. Jhumki is shocked to see Bari Raani maa under it.

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