Once There was a King 19 May 2022: Raja wakes up as Rani holds his face, he calls her Chipkali. There, Iqbal had entered the palace. Rani cries telling Raja that she loved, loves, and will always love him; she never betrayed him. She got engaged to Iqbal, but only to revenge him. He is their enemy and now they would revenge on him together.

Bindu opens the door to Iqbal, he returns Angat’s turban. Bindu says she had been looking for this turban for a long. Iqbal says a true Sardar never leaves his turban, how did Angat leave it there. Bindu qualifies he was drunk. Rani cautiously leaves Raja’s side.

Iqbal wishes Bindu a new year and leaves. Rani comes out of the room, Bindu pushes Rani away as she can’t let her close to Raja. In the room, Raaj Mata was elated to hear that Raja is alive. She then accepts Bindu is not wrong. If Iqbal know about it he and the police would come behind Raja. She insists on Rani send Raja and Bindu away until Iqbal is proven wrong. She must prove him a criminal, or else Raja isn’t safe.

At home, Iqbal thinks whenever Angat looks toward Rani it seems Rani is moving away from him. His shadow appears saying he must calm the animal inside him, Rani has proven her love a number of times. Iqbal was restless and takes sleeping pills.

The next morning, Rani comes to Bindu in the garden. Rani tells Bindu that for a while she couldn’t control herself after watching Raja long. She tells Bindu she has made a new life for herself, and Raja has to go to jail and she isn’t the one who may wait for her husband for two decades. She tells Bindu to take Raja away from here, she is giving Raja away.

Bindu tells her that Raja won’t leave. Rani was sure he won’t remember anything, as she had given him medicine to speak the truth. She tells Bindu that she won’t tell Raja she knows his truth, if Bindu wants to save her husband Angat she must leave Amirkot. Rani turns around and goes inside, crying.

The next morning, Raja wakes up, his head banging in pain. He finds an earring stuck on his sleeve, and wonders who this is. Bindu comes to the room and packs her stuff, saying they are leaving this palace and Amirkot. Raja wonders if she forgot what he came here for. Bindu tells Raja he revealed his identity in front of Rani. Raja wonders if this earring is Rani’s, and asks about the complete story.

Bindu was sure to tell him on the way. Raja replies he would not leave without taking the answer of his questions, what Rani would do if she comes to know he is her Raja. If she would call the police or tell Iqbal. Bindu asks him to come to his senses, the love has ended. Raja curtly replies he won’t leave until he has completed the story of hatred, if not love.

In the temple, Rani prays for strength to hide her love from Raja. She was lighting a diya, Angat comes to save the flame with her and silently returns her earring. They share an eye lock. Rani remembers about Raaj Mata’s advice and turns around. They just turn to face each other, when Iqbal arrives at the palace. Rani looks towards him. Bindu comes to save Raja. Raja tells Iqbal he has stomach ache since last night; he wonders when he would celebrate honeymoon. Iqbal promises to send a medicine for his ailment, and warns Iqbal to take care of his love.

Iqbal pins Rani to a wall, and clutches her arm saying there is something wrong about Angat. Rani says she had been telling him about it for long. Iqbal was sure to send him for honeymoon soon. Rani says she wants him to leave Amirkot forever. Iqbal hugs her, then wonders what happens to him. He touches the bruise of clutching her arm, Rani says it’s his identity that she holds dear. Iqbal promises that after marriage, he won’t let her meet Angat ever. He leaves the palace.

In the room, Raja shuts Bindu out angrily, as he doesn’t want to speak to her. He was upset about Rani’s sad face. He says it seems a part of his being has lost, and holds her earring dear.

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