Once there was a King 20 January 2022: Once there was a King update Thursday 20th January 2022 Raaj Mata makes aarti of Gayatri and Rana ji. In the corridor, Rana ji notices that Gayatri’s bullet injury ached as she helped herself with the blouse. She watches him standing behind her, he comes there and ties the knot of her blouse. Her Pallu blows with the wind to cover his face, he removes it and turns around taking a long breath, but looks back before leaving. Gayatri laughs and runs outside.

Kokilla comes to Swarna’s room. She asks Swarna how she is, her pain must have reduced. She says she has come to increase her pain. She asks Swarna if she wants to leave, Kokilla says she will let her leave but until she gives an heir to her family. But until she does that, she will be here in lockup. Swarna keeps crying.

Kunwar ji, Kokilla and Laksh comes to the room. Rana checked on a dish and says until Gayatri is ill they must make this special dish for Rani. Kokilla was curt that a week ago Rana ji had called Gayatri a Bahrupia on this same table, and today he is must worried about her. Gayatri comes there along with Raaj Mata, Rana ji couldn’t take his eyes off her, and he comes to offer her a chair that she takes. Kunwar ji says to Gayatri that she is welcomed. Gayatri asks about Swarna, Laksh, Kokilla and Kunwar ji loses the colour of their faces. Kunwar ji says she isn’t well. Gayatri gets worried, saying she will just meet her. Laksh stands up to stop Gayatri. Kokilla says she was aching in pain, and just slept with sedatives, Gayatri will disturb her. Laksh says Gayatri can meet her after dinner. Raaj Mata says to Yashoda that Navartri is coming, she must get the basement opened because all the preparation items are stored there. Kunwar ji whispers to Kokilla that she had taken the responsibility of the precious item, Kokilla leaves the table saying she will see if Swarna is fine or not.

The food is served to Gayatri, Rana ji asks the servant to serve some more in her plate. They speak with the actions of eyes only. Rana ji teaches her to take a spread a napkin, take a fork, not a spoon. He smiles when she eats with it. All the conversation took place with eyes only. He shows her how to clean her mouth after dinner and nods.

Gayatri goes through the corridor, she comes across Kunwar ji and says she came to see Swarna. Kunwar ji was worried, he tells Gayatri that she must stay away from Swarna as her illness is contagious. Kokilla laid on Swarna’s bed covered in quilt. Swarna was down the bed, struggling and crying. Gayatri says to Swarna that Kokilla stopped her from coming to her before, she speaks about Kokilla that she always say she will conquere the qilla, what she will do with the qilla. Swarna had just turned towards Gayatri’s feet when Kunwar ji enters the room and tells Gayatri that the disease might spill. Gayatri watches a mangal sooter on the floor, Kunwar ji picks it up and says this must also contain disease. Gayatri says to Swarna she will come later. Kokilla sits up angrily what Gayatri had said all, she was curt at both Rani and Swarna. Kunwar ji points at Swarna being down the bed, she lay there exhausted.

Raaj Mata says to Yashoda that this gun and Raaj Mata’s intelligence denied the story that bullets only seperates lovers, if she has seen how much Rana ji is taking care of Gayatri. Yashoda says she knows she had gone away from palace only to bring Rana ji and Gayatri together. Raaj Mata nods and sends Yashoda with the gun to take care of it.

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