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Once there was a King 24 February 2022: Once there was a King update Thursday 24th February 2022 Avdesh holds Gayatri’s hand, Rana ji watches them together. Kunwar ji and Kokilla say that no one can trust each other, he must look at Avdesh. He wanted to kill Rana ji is now a friend. Kunwar ji says she didn’t get it that Avdesh understood he first needs to put a hand in Rana ji’s neck.

Rana ji asks Gayatri why she is so shocked. Avdesh says why she wouldn’t be shocked, she had seen him as an enemy in the morning. Rana ji tells Gayatri that Avdesh was leaving the city, he went there and became a friend with Avdesh so he brought him home. Avdesh says at first he felt awkward, then he thought what is his friends is his as well. Gayatri goes to serve food. Rana ji gets Avdesh inside for food.

Gayatri was serving the food, Rana Ji and Avdesh come to the table. Gayatri stops him from taking Rana ji’s seat. Avdesh says he has come to take his place, but he is the one who is like a family member. He takes another seat. Kunwar ji says that for once he had thought Avdesh will win today but how he lost. Avdesh stands up saying he will make him understand, he puts Kunwar Ji’s hand on the table and takes a knife. Kunwar ji resists, but Avdesh tells him not to move his hand. He knocks the knife around his hand on the table. As he stops, Kunwar Ji is happy that his hand was saved but the table board beneath had been cut into a proper hand shape. Avdesh hands the knife to Kunwar ji saying it is his turn now. Kunwar ji says he is worried about Avdesh, what if his hand moves. Avdesh keeps his hand saying his hand won’t move, there is a fire in his body and blood. He asks Kunwar ji if he is afraid of being a Rajput. Kunwar ji starts to knock the knife, Avdesh bucks him up to get faster. He finally put a cut on Avdesh’s hand. He sucks his injury, Gayatri is angry at him. Avdesh says he had done it without seeing, and Kunwar ji couldn’t do it having it in front of his eyes. Kunwar ji says there was dust in his eyes. Avdesh says if Rana ji was there in his place he would have done it. Rana ji is never afraid of facing any situation. Kokilla asks Avdesh why he lost then. Avdesh says luck matters a lot, fate brought him among them today. He takes a drink to name it to their friendship. Raaj Mata tells Rana ji that Gayatri cooked with her own hands today, Rana ji asks her to put the first bite with her own hands as well. Avdesh dislikes this, stares at Gayatri and before the bite could get to Rana ji’s mouth he drops the glass on the floor. Rana ji asks what happened, he apologizes that it fell down. Rana ji asks him to get another glass. Gayatri dislikes his stare.

Rana ji and Avdesh played dart and arrow. Rana ji takes an aim, then another as Avdesh watches him. His aim was perfect. Avdesh says he can swear that Rana ji won’t take this aim this perfect without seeing. Rana ji says be it a sword, an arrow or dart, his aim is never wrong. Avdesh blindfolds Rana ji and hands him an arrow. Rana ji throws the arrow that goes to the perfect place and says he doesn’t need to see it even. Avdesh says he must do this with a gun as well, if he wins Avdesh will do what Rana ji would ask him for one whole day. He picks the gun up pointing it at Rana ji’s forehead. Gayatri comes and watches this calling Rana Ji’s name. Rana Ji tells Gayatri that Avdesh was just giving the gun to him, it is empty as well. Avdesh says it seems Gayatri doesn’t trust him still. He tells Rana ji that he likes milk and honey before going to sleep. Rana Ji requests Gayatri to make a glass for him.

Gayatri was preparing the milk, curtly saying that he speaks so sweet as if he lived in some honey bottle. She turns and hits Avdesh who saves the milk. Gayatri says she is sorry for what happened outside, she thought it was Rana ji. He slaps the glass on the table. Gayatri says she must be angry, he challenged Rana ji then changed at once. Even weather doesn’t change this often. Avdesh says he can even change others too, what is new about changing himself. Rana ji asks Avdesh if he sends the message to his place. Avdesh says he will try tomorrow again. Rana ji takes him to show him his room. Gayatri suspects Avdesh.

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