Once there was a King 22 February 2022: Once there was a King update Tuesday 22nd February 2022 Gayatri was thinking about Raaj Mata’s words as she got ready in the morning. She wipes her tears, worried.

Cheetah was lying on his bed, Laksh comes there. Cheetah says Swarna isn’t here, Laksh says he has come to meet him. He tells Cheetah to get his clothes ready for Rana ji and Avdesh’s fight. Laksh looks around to find if someone was there to do this. Laksh says he is the servant of his wife, so his servant as well. He says a royal servant misbehaves so much, but the mistake is also not his but Swarna’s and she will get the punishment.

Cheetah says alright, he will get his clothes ready. Laksh keeps a foot on the table saying his shoes are dusty. He wants Cheetah to clean them with his tongue, else he will beat Swarna with hunter. Cheetah was about to touch the shoes, Laksh jerks his foot away and tells Cheetah never to forget his place in the palace. Cheetah says if the fight was with him only, he would have cleaned Laksh as well along with his shoe.
Avdesh was ready for the fight. In the palace hall, people hooted in favor of Rana ji as he arrives.
Gayatri prays with a candle in hand, she asks Durga Goddess to keep her husband safe. Avdesh throws three flags that get at the same place flowing around the hall. He enters in the palace.
A maid informs Gayatri that the fight is beginning.

Gayatri prays for Rana ji’s safety. He shouts at the people of Amirkot to see what will happen to their fate today. Rana ji says calmly, that fights are won only by action and not by words. He calls for the dart.

The maid informs Gayatri Rana ji is fighting with a dart and not his inherited sword. Gayatri says she knew Avdesh will work up some plan. There was a fighting confrontation. Rana ji was hurt at the arm and the back. Raaj Mata watches Gayatri standing behind her, Raaj Mata says that this is the ritual that a Rajputani doesn’t go to fights. Gayatri says she has promised to live and die with Rana ji, she won’t die in gulping poison but will become a shield of her husband. She asks Raaj mata to let her go, Raaj Mata nods. Gayatri runs down the stairs shouting Rana Ji’s name. Avdesh looked at her for a while, Rana ji gets a chance to get hold of the fight. Gayatri asks Rana ji not to kill him. Rana ji backs up, he says that he has now won the fight and doesn’t want to color his hands with Avdesh’s blood. Avdesh must go away from Amirkot, this is the order of Amirkot’s Rana Indravadhan. Avdesh throws the dart again, which passes Rana ji’s shoulder.

Avdesh says he could have directly hit Rana ji, but he has given Rana ji his life as a thankfulness gift. Rana ji asks what is the reason. Avdesh says Rana ji has won over Avdesh today but gifting his life from him. He accepts his defeat, and says he wants to gift something to him, will he accept it. Rana ji says he has accepted his defeat like a true fighter, he will accept for sure. Avdesh wants to be a friend with Rana ji. Raaj Mata wonders what is the real face of this man. Rana ji accepts the gift and shakes their hand with him then hugs him. Gayatri notices Avdesh’s stare at her face. Avdesh takes his flag and leaves. Rana ji goes inside before Gayatri could keep a hand on his shoulder.

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