Once there was a King 25 January 2022: Once there was a King update Tuesday 25th January 2022 Rana ji and Gayatri share some intimate moments together. Rana ji kisses Gayatri’s forehead. Rana ji asks why tears in Gayatri’s eyes, Gayatri says these are the tears of happiness. Someone announces that moon has been sighted, Gayatri runs towards the roof. Rana ji follows her. All the couples pray, Gayatri comes to pick up her thaal.

Rana ji stops her, he says that before she watches her moon he wants to give her something, that isn’t a gift but a right. She isn’t just the Rani of Amirkot but his wife too, from today there will be no one between her and her right, not even he himself. He takes the sindoor and puts it in Gayatri’s head. Raaj Mata watches this happily. Gayatri smiles happily. Raaj Mata lovingly see the couple. Rana ji wipes Gayatri’s tear.

Gayatri turns and prays through the sieve. She thinks that she only wants to be his bride till she dies, every year she keeps the fast and he breaks it like this. She looks at the laughing Rana ji through the sieve and complete the ritual. He holds the water pot and was about to drink from it, Gayatri gets upset. Both Raaj mata and Rana ji smiles, he was about to make Gayatri drink from the pot when Bari Rani Maa calls him from the door. They all turn to face her. Kokilla and Kunwar ji are happy to see her. Gayatri and Rana ji awaits a lady arriving from the dark, they are shocked to see Sulakshna coming towards them. Rana ji drops the water pot, thinking about Sulakshna, her death. Gayatri drops the thaal of Pooja. Sulakshna comes inside crossing Bari Raani Maa. Rana ji goes towards her in shock, looks at her from top to bottom disbelievingly and calls Sulakshna. He says she isn’t Sulakshna, she had… Kunwar ji calls that this is Sulakshna, his wife. Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, she has died.

Raaj Mata seconds Rana ji, she says that this girl can’t be Sulakshna. Rana ji himself had seen her fell into the depth, Bari Raani maa says he saw her fell down, not dying and asks Rana ji if he had seen her deadbody and had he found her body. How he can believe that she is dead, if he has to believe he must believe his love. Raaj Mata asks if Sulakshna was alive where she was, and why she returned today when Rana ji gave Gayatri all the rights. Bari Raani maa says that Sulakshna has lost her memory. Raaj Mata says that the truth is being hidden beautifully behind the curtain of silence. Bari Raani maa asks if Raaj Mata suspects her to bring anyone, any stranger to the palace. Raaj Mata says she can’t suspect her, but this is for sure not Sulakshna. Bari Raani maa says she is also a mother, if she thinks she will joke with her Indravadhan. She asks Rana ji if he suspects her too. Bari Raani maa says that a few days from now a lady came to her and told her that she saw Sulakshna, she went by herself to that place and found Sulakshna.

Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, there can be two people of same face in the world. Bari Rani maa says there can be, she would also not have believed had she not seen this mark on her arm. She turns her arm to show Rana ji the mark. Rana ji looks at the silent Sulakshna. Bari Rani Maa says this is none other than Sulakshna, his wife. Kunwar ji and Kokilla exchange victorious looks. Sulakshna feels headache and faints on Rana ji’s chest.

Bari Rani maa tells Rana ji to take Sulakshna inside, she is weak right now. Gayatri watches Rana ji taking Sulakshna inside on his arms. Gayatri loses hold of herself, Raaj Mata tells herself to take control on herself. Bari Raani maa says no one can win fate, Rana ji was always Sulakshna’s and never hers. She says she knows Rana ji well, Sulakshna is his first love and now they will get one again. She looks at Kokilla and she brings water to Gayatri.

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Bari Rani maa asks Gayatri to break her fast, Gayatri set the pot aside saying she won’t break her fast, until Rana ji doesn’t get it opened for her. She goes inside.
Bari Raani maa and Raaj Mata are in confrontation. Raaj Mata asks how she can do this to her grand father. Bari Raani maa says that had she cared about Rana ji, she wouldn’t have ruined three lives. She brought Gayatri and only she will be responsible for what Gayatri will suffer. And when Gayatri will fall, will Seth Govind fulfil his promise. Bari raani maa goes inside, Raaj Mata says she has worked hard to bring Rana ji and Gayatri together. It is really important to know how Sulakshna got alive again.

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