Once there was a King 12 January 2022: Gayatri lights a flame on a wood and goes through the forest she had been in. She heard wild animals roar and was frightened. In the palace, a maid comes to Raaj Mata to wake her up. She says that Gayatri’s father has come to palace and wants to meet her. She knocked Gayatri’s room for a long time but there was no answer. Raaj Mata gets worried, she tells the maid to take care of Seth ji. She will bring Gayatri down. The maid asks Seth ji if he would like something, but he says he only wants to meet Gayatri.

Raaj Mata knocks at Gayatri’s door, then pushes it. It gets open at once. She is worried not finding Gayatri inside.

In the forest, Gayatri watches a snake heading towards her. She shouts at it attacks her. The snake had bitten her. She keeps on calling for help. Seth ji awaited in the hall, Raaj Mata comes downstairs. The servants leave, Raaj Mata asks how he came here. Seth ji says he is sorry to worry them, he says that Gayatri’s mother had a nightmare and is worried if she is fine. Raaj Mata says that dreams always break, but the walls of this palace have been here for two centuries. Seth ji says he just want to see the face of her daughter.

Raaj Mata agrees and says he would be responsible for waking Rana ji and Gayatri. She tells the servants to take Seth ji to Rana ji’s room. Seth ji apologizes and says he will tell her mother that Gayatri is fine, it isnt needed. Raaj mata orders the servants to find Gayatri anywhere possible and bring her to Raaj mata. Gayatri wraps her injury with her saree, she still hears wild animals and thinks she will have to spend this night here. Her foot ached, and she faints.

Raaj Mata asks how it is possible no one saw Gayatri. The servants say that she must ask the ones who were on duty in day time. She tells them to inform her when the servants have arrived. Kunwar ji and Kokilla arrive, Raaj Mata says Gayatri is missing. Kokilla says she doesn’t know about it. Raaj Mata says this isnt a minor thing, she suspects Kunwar ji. Kunwar ji says he last saw Gayatri in Mr. Wilkinson’s house. Swarna and Laksh come there, Swarna tells them that Gayatri had gone with Rana ji. If Rana ji has arrived, she must also have. She asks to look for her in Rana ji’s room. Raaj Mata asks them to stay here, she goes to Rana ji’s room.

Rana ji talked to Surakshna’s photo that this journey is really tough without her. She asks Rana ji where is Gayatri. Rana ji says where she must be. Raaj Mata says this isnt any time for riddles, Seth ji came to meet her a while ago. What if he comes again? Rana ji says that so Gayatri didn’t go her home, she could be of none. Raaj Mata asks where he left her. Rana ji says outside the boundaries of Amirkot in a forest. Raaj Mata asks if she brought him up for this. Rana ji says she had brought him up for trading against him. He tells her to go and sleep, he will also sleep after a long time. He says she has no idea what a low charactered lady.

Raaj Mata says that she had thought he was so different. But he came out to be like every man. She says she has a proof that Wilkinsons is lying. Rana ji asks where the proof is. Raaj Mata says he must ask who the proof is.

The next morning, Gayatri wakes up from under the banana leaves. Her leg ached badly as she struggles to stand up. She does anyway. Raaj Mata brings tea for Kunwar ji. Raaj Mata remembers mixing something in the cup of tea.
Gayatri struggles her way out of the forest.

Kunwar ji feels dizzy as soon as he finishes the tray. Kokilla asks Raaj mata if she had mixed something in the tea. Raaj Mata says she mixed the same herb that Kokilla had mixed in Gayatri’s drink on the day of Crowning. Kunwar ji cursed Kokilla, appreciates Raaj Mata’s intelligence. Raaj mata asks Kunwar ji why Gayatri went to Mr. Wilkinson’s. Kunwar ji says she went to save Rana ji from the well, but she herself fell down in it. Kokilla takes Kunwar ji along her. Rana ji heard this all. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji if he will correct his own mistake else she must go to bring Gayatri back. Rana ji says he is sorry, he made a big mistake. Gayatri slips from the cliff and takes hold of a stem emerging from it. She struggles and calls for help.

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