Once There was a King 18 May 2022: Raja bitterly says they are rightly made for each other, then boasts that Iqbal can never compete with his love. Rani holds Iqbal’s hand, and tells him not to prove anything to anyone, he has been successful by himself. Raja challenges him to prove him wrong then. Bindu tries to stop Raja, as this can ruin his plan. Raja gets the guitar and sings. Rani was taken aback, missing Raja. Raja takes Bindu to the centre, and dances with her. Tears fell off Rani’s eyes. Iqbal now brings Rani to the centre, and dances with her.

Raaj Mata sends another drink for Raja that he gulps, then another one. After the performance, Rani takes another drink from Raaj Mata and comes to Iqbal and Angat to decide the competition. She tells Angat that for her Iqbal would always be her love, as he has won her love. She offers him a drink. Iqbal qualifies this as a portion of his love, as respect from Rani. Raja takes the glass and gulps it down. Rani looks towards Raaj Mata victoriously. Angat takes a leave from them. Iqbal was busy with guests. Raja comes to get seated in a bar, and Bindu comes to help him.

Raaj Mata goes to stop Bindu and takes her aside. Rani took an opportunity and follows Angat outside, whose head had been banging badly. He walks to confront Rani. She asks who is he. Raja says his face and heart are both lie. Rani asks why she always feels as if she has met him already, and inquires about his reality. Raja calls her a betrayer, she loved and then betrayed. There, Iqbal looks around for Rani and follows her. Rani wonders whom she has betrayed. Angat says Him! Rani demands who is he? He replies Raja! Who was once her Raja Baja? Rani calls him a liar. Raja removes his turban and fake moustache. Rani cries, in elation. She holds Raja’s face in distrust, and touches him over; kissing his forehead and hugging him tightly. Raja hugs back. She wishes this dream of theirs never break.

Bindu watches them together this way. She comes to save Raja who had fainted. Iqbal came out of the palace. Bindu spots him there. Iqbal hurries towards Rani and turns to find no one there. He questions Rani about Bindu, demanding Rani the truth. Rani says there was a drunk man in the palace, and Bindu came to kick him out of the palace. Rani says she was telling Bindu to keep Angat away from her. Iqbal says she could have spoken to Bindu inside the palace as well. Rani says she had been suffocating inside, Iqbal goes to drop her in her room.

Bindu took Raja upstairs, while he murmured to go to meet Rani. In the room, Iqbal gives a glass of water to Rani. He surprises Rani with the announcement of their wedding date; which will be fixed before the new year. Rani hurries outside the room.

Iqbal was leaving the palace when he finds Raja’s turban lying in the garden. Rani had come to meet her Raja in Raja’s room. Bindu taunts that now Iqbal is upset with Rani so she returned to Raja. She accuses Rani of taking Raja’s life already; and getting engaged to her husband’s killer. Iqbal enters the palace with Raja’s turban. Rani insists on Bindu not to leave Raja, his heartbeat still contains her name. Bindu warns Rani not to destroy Raja anymore. Does she wonder what she would tell the world about Raja if she wants the police and Iqbal to get after Raja once again? She requests Rani to leave right away. Rani shuts the door from inside and comes to sit beside Raja.

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