Once there was a King 2 February 2022: Once there was a King update Wednesday 2nd February 2022 Gayatri asks Bari Rani maa where this veil came from. Bari Rani maa says she distributed veils among her maids for Navratri. Bari Rani maa says she has a lot more to do, today is Sulakshna’s birthday and she has to make her up as well. Gayatri assures her that she will do it all. Bari Rani maa says that Sulakshna is so lucky, she got her as her Sotan (husband’s second wife).

Sulakshna watches the necklace and says this is really beautiful, he knows her choice. Rana ji says he forgot her birthday, he is sorry for that. He looks back at Sulakshna who was smiling, he says he will try his best that she keeps on smiling always. She comes with a necklace to him, he says he needs something from her. Sulakshna says he wants her not to treat Gayatri like a maid. Rana ji says that Gayatri lied to her because of him. Sulakshna says she can’t deny anything he says, but this won’t be free. Rana ji asks what? She says she isn’t asking him to send Gayatri away. Rana ji asks what she wants. Rana ji says they are Rajput and will keep the promise, she must know about it. She comes to Rana ji and asks him to give her the rights of a wife, and return her love to her. She asks him to let tonight be their night. Gayatri comes and hears this all, as Sulakshna keeps a hand on his shoulder and asks him one night as a gift. Rana ji holds her hand away and leaves. Gayatri also leaves, but Rana ji stops her in the corridor. Sulakshna comes behind them. Gayatri turns to look at her, Rana ji also looks at Sulakshna. She says that she hopes Rana ji will come early tonight and leaves. Rana ji turns to Gayatri, she says she doesn’t need any clarification. She says tonight, he must take a decision. And that decision is not for one night but for a life time, she says that in this fight, either she will succeed completely or lose completely. She leaves. Rana Ji also goes inside. Jhumki cheers that when Bari Rani maa was born a hundred fox must have died. Bari Rani maa says a lot has to be done tonight. She says tonight when an anklet is bound in the feet of respect, Rana ji will cry blood.

In the palace, Bari Rani maa welcomes Rana ji. She says to Rana Ji that one has to burn tonight, to lighten the Amirkot’s throne. He must make the decision in time. Gayatri helps Sulakshna get ready, Sulakshna asks her to do everything fast, everyone must be waiting for her. Gayatri prickles her own hand with the Maang tikka. Sulakshna wears it and sticks it on her mask. Gayatri wonders why it didn’t hurt on Sulakshna’s face. Jhumki repeats her ‘Oo teri’. Gayatri is alert again, but Sulakshna composes herself. She says to Gayatri that she wants to make Rana Ji so happy tonight that he forgets everything that happened behind her ever. She tells Gayatri to get ready and thinks she will turn the game tonight.

Raaj Mata comes to open a wardrobe, she thinks that she will not let Gayatri down in hands of Sulakshna tonight. Bari Rani maa locks her inside the room. Raaj Mata keeps on knocking on the door. Bari Raani maa laughs that she was much worried about Gayatri, now she will remain locked in the room.

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At the party, the cake arrives. Jhumki again cheers cheaply repeating Oo Teri. Rana Ji stares at her and says he saw her so restless before. Sulakshna says she was never this happy before, she asks Rana Ji to cut the cake. Rana ji asks to wait for Raaj Mata. Bari rani maa says if Raaj Mata isn’t here, she is there. Rana ji says he will get Raaj Mata. Bari Raani maa says Raaj Mata doesn’t want to participate in her elder daughter-in-law’s happiness, they must respect her stubbornness. Rana Ji looks at Gayatri and then Sulakshna and heads to cut the cake. Sulakshna holds Rana ji’s arm, Gayatri doesn’t look their way. Bari Raani maa asks to put the cake in Sulakshna’s mouth as she did. He abides by her. Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri to sweeten Sulakshna’s mouth, as it is her birthday. Gayatri comes to put the cake in Sulakshana’s mouth, Bari Raani maa asks Sulakshna to give it to Gayatri as well. Gayatri says she can’t eat it, it contains egg.

Sulakshna mocks Gayatri for being a vegetarian, she says Gayatri will never be able to learn the rituals of the palace. Rana Ji stops Sulakshna. Gayatri says it is about sweet and calls for sugar, Sulakshna puts a spoon in Gayatri’s mouth. Gayatri wishes Sulakshna, Sulakshna asks her for a gift. Gayatri asks what else is remaining to be given, but what she wants. Sulakshna wants her to make this evening memorable, she had claimed to be her maid, and tonight she must dance in this gathering.

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