Our Perfect Place update saturday 23 May 2020 on zee world


Our Perfect Place saturday 23rd May 2020; Our Perfect Place update saturday 23 May 2020, Shree/Tanu calls Niranjan and says she just saw his messages. Niranjan cries. Shree asks her to calm down, how is Rita. Niranjan says Rita is in a shock, he wanted to tell truth to Rita,but Maya sent that video to Rita. He explains the rest of incident. Shree says for whatever he did, he has to bear repurcussions. Niranjan says he is ready to bear any punishment, he cannot see Rita like this. Shree says she will come to his house right now. Niranjan says his brother is coming to pick her.

Our Perfect Place update saturday 23 May 2020 Rahul travels in his jeep and reaches Shree’s house. Shree waits for Rahul and gets busy reading something. Rahul enters and says excuse me. Seat turns and instead of Shree, Hetal is seen. Hetal asks why is he here. Rahul asks what is she doing here, she runs cafeteria and also is Shree counselor. Hetal is confused but tells Salman Khan’s dialogue that she comes in heart but not understandable, then says she is joking. Rahul says Niranjan must have called her. Hetal says yes. Rahul says she should come and counsel Rita bhabi then. Hetal asks to brief again. Rahul explains her whole issue and says let us go. She asks him to get into car, he will she will come down. She then silently reads Shree’s note and gets medicine from cupboard and gets into Rahul’s jeep.

Our Perfect Place update saturday 23rd May 2020 zee world Sameer reaches cafeteria and asks friend where is Hetal. Friend asks if she is in love with Hetal. He says no, he is jus tasking. She says she has gone to meet someone and will come late. Sameer calls Hetal. She silently says she will call him later and disconnects call. Sameer thins whom she is with. Rahul continues staring Hetal while driving, reminiscing Tanu. Hetal asks to stop staring at her, if it is love at first sight, then she is not interested. She says even he is not interested. They both reach home. Rahul introduces Hetal as Shree, Rita’s counselor. Ila asks of she can cure Rita and Parimal says she looks so young. Hetal says her papa tells education can make a person successful. Parimal looks at Uday and says his is called obeying parents. Hetal asks Gayatri and Ila to show her Rita’s room. Uday identies Hetal as Sameer’s girlfriend and sends him message that his hot girlfriend is here as Hetal.

Ila and Gayatri take Hetal to Rita’s room. Hetal asks them to go out and closes door. She tells Rita that she is her counselor Shree. Rita shouts she is not Shree. Hetal says she identified her well, she is neither Shree neither counselor. She found out that she wants to suicide and her family is not letting her die, so she has brought her poison which is more powerful than phenyl and she can die peacefully. Gayatri and Ila hear that form outside and get tensed.

Our Perfect Place saturday 23 May 2020 Niranjan prays god. He gets a call from Shree who says she was waiting for his brother and got an important work, so had to go and is on the way home. Niranjan says his brother told he brought her home and she is in Rita’s room. She says how can it be, she is on the way home.

Our Perfect Place update 23 May 2020 Sameer sees Uday’s message and calls him back and asks what message is it. Uday says Hetal is Shree and his friend is multitalented. Sameer says he does not believe him. Uday says if he does not believe, he can come here and check. Niranjan calls Rahul and informs him that girl he brought is not Shree, Shree is on the way home. Gayatri and Ila knock door and ask Hetal to open door, else they will call police. Hetal asks Rita to ignore them and drink poison. Rahul with Parimal comes and says girl is Hetal, his cafeteria partner and Sameer’s friend.

zee world Our Perfect Place 23 May 2020 Ila tells Rahul that the girl inside Rita’s room is not Shree. Rahul says he knows she is Hetal, Sameer’s college friend and his cafeteria partner. Sameer comes home and Uday says what his friend is doing. Niranjan calls Shree and asks to find out who the other girl is, else he will call police. Shree asks not to worry, if need be they will use police help. She calls her maid and asks who came in her absence. Maid says Hetal had come and wanted to meet her. Shree gets worried and thinks Hetal should not do any childish act.

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Our Perfect Place saturday update 23 May 2020 Sameer rushes towards Rital’s room, knocks door, and asks Hetal to open door. Hetal insists Rita to consume poison and opens bottle. Rahul and Sameer try to break door. Parimal says door is very strong and will not break. Ila asks to call police. Sameer says no, Hetal will not harm Rita. Parimal says why is she forcing Rita to consume poison and asks to call her father. Sameer says Hetal’s father is dead and asks Hetal to open door. Hetal says she will not until Rita gets out of her trouble, her husband has betrayed her, so she wants to leave her children alone and take her life. She tells Rita that she married a man 8 years ago and he betrayed her, so she is trying to end her life and teach her children that she is coward. Rita throws poison and cries that she does not want to teach her children cowardness, she wants to become their strength. Hetal hugs her and asks to stop crying and meet her family. She opens door and whole family looks at family. Hetal tells Rita that her daughters are worried, she needs to go and console them. Rita thanks her and says she made her realize what mistake she was making. She calls her daughters Falak and Bejal and runs towards her room. She hugs and pampers them. Ila and Gayatri get emotional. Falak says she did not meet her since yesterday, she missed her. Rita says even she missed them and asks if they had something.. Ila and Gayatri smile and walk out.

Our Perfect Place saturday 23 May 2020 update Sameer smiles at Hetal. Hetal apologizes Ila and tells she had gone to Shree’s office for some work and when Rahul told her about Rita, she could not control herself, so she wrote poison on a cough syrup bottle and gave it to Rita as poison. She apologizes again and says she can punish her as she likes. Rita hugs and praises her, then asks Sameer why did not he bring Hetal home before. Parimal says yes, even Uday should learn from Hetal. Hetal tries to leave. Rahul and Sameer say even they will accompany. Hetal says they can join tomorrow, gives Shree’s letter for Rahul and says she will come and visit Rita in sometimes and leaves. Sameer watches her going. Tu hasdi rahe mai hasan da rawa…song…plays in the background. Uday looks at Sameer and says she is gone, looks like chachu got Chachi.

Our Perfect Place update zee world saturday 23 May 2020 Shree reaches outside Rahul’s house. Hetal sees her and turns her face. Shree asks what childishness is this. Hetal says she is not Hetal, she is hates. Shree says for her she is younger sister Hetal. Hetal shouts she is not her friend, their relationship broke when her papa died because of her and her ex-boyfriend. She hates her ex-boyfriend and his family because of whom her papa is not alive. Shree asks then why did she come to her office. Hetal says she came to warn her not to come near her college and look at her hiding. She returns her fees amount and says she does not need her favor, she should never try to meet her. She walks away. Niranjan calls Shree and the girl was Hetal, Sameer’s friend, Hetal did a magic and saved Rita. Rita is hurt though, so she can go and meet Rita any time. Shree says she will meet Rita tomorrow, till then he should take care of his wife and himself. Niranjan thanks her and disconnects call. Shree looks at home and walks back.

Our Perfect Place 23rd May 2020 zee world Rita reads story for her children and asks them to sleep. Falak asks why is she so sad. Rita says she is not sad, if they don’t sleep, mamma will be sad for sure. They ask when will papa come. Rita says she will not hear this question again. Bejal ays they miss papa. Rita asks if they want mamma to be sad again. They nod no. She says then they should not question mamma again. They promise, and Rita leaves. Bejal asks Falak if pappa will not come again. Falak says she does not know and asks to sleep.


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