Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020 on zee world


Our Perfect Place thursday 21st May 2020; Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020, Maya calls Niranjan, crying. Niranjan asks if she is fine. She cries, shouts loudly and disconnects. Niranjan gets worried and messages if she is fine. Maya is seen with her husband and tells her husband that she is trapping Niranjan again to extract money from him as he stays in a bungalow with many cars.

Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020 zee world Niranjan repeatedly messages Maya and then walks to Ila’s room. Ila asks if he also came to scold her like 3 other sons. He looks at her bruised legs and asks why did she do this. She says she was earlier worried about him and now that he is settled, she is worried about Rahl and did pooja for him.

Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020 Parimal scolds Rahul to mend his lifestyle and says he should get a new job soon. Sameer enters and says there is no need for that, he has found an offer for him, he will be a boss. Rahul asks how. Sameer says he will be partly owning a cafeteria. Parimal says it is a good idea. Sameer says he will take him to meet his friend who wants to open a cafeteria.

zee world Our Perfect Place 21 May 2020 In sleep, Niranjan dreams of Maya being tortured by her husband and wakes up worried for her. He looks at his mobile and does not find Maya’s reply. He looks at Rita sound asleep and leaves towards Maya’s house. He reaches house and is about to ring bell when he hears Maya’s boyfriend telling that her plan of trapping a bakra Niranjan is failing and he did not yet come here. He reveals how she made him fake husband and loot Niranjan, etc. Maya asks him to slow his voice as voice can be heard outside. Niranjan then rings bell. Boyfriend checks from door hole and says it is Niranjan. Maya asks him to hide in bathroom, she will send Niranjan somehow. Niranjan enters and sits on sofa. Maya nervously asks why did he come. He asks why did she shout. She says she saw cockroach. He asks her to bring water. She goes in and he tries to enter bedroom. She nervously says they can talk on sofa. He take water and splashes it on her face, enters room, and holds her boyfriend’s collar. He confronts her and says she wanted to loot him, he got closure finally today and he is out of her finally. He walks out relieved.

Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020 Niranjan returns home and sees Rita sound asleep. He leans and hugs her. She wakes up and asks what happened, if he did not sleep. He starts crying and says he troubled her a lot and wants to apologize her. She consoles and hugs him.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 20 May 2020 zee world

Our Perfect Place thursday update 21 May 2020 In the morning, Sameer knocks Rahul’s door and asks if he is ready for the meeting. Parimal passes by and asks what happened. Sameer says Rahul has cafeteria meeting as they discussed last night, but he did not open door yet. Parimal says this boy is so responsible and knocks door. Rahul comes out ready and asks how is he looking. They both say perfect for an interview. Sameer and Rahul leave for cafeteria.

Our Perfect Place thursday zee world 21 May 2020 Niranjan gets ready early than usual in the morning. Rita returns after dropping children to school and asks why did he get up so early. He says he wants to become perfect now and give her the love she deserves. He kisses her forehead and leaves for job. Rita gets happy seeing sudden shower of love.

Our Perfect Place update thursday 21st May 2020 Sameer takes Rahul to cafeteria. Owner Sameer 2 checks Rahul’s profile and says this job is udervalued for his qualification. Rahul says it is okay and hopes he gets this job. Sameer says he already got this job and he can happily leave to US replacing him here. Sameer asks Rahul to check out cafeteria while he goes to studio. He goes to studio and his friend Het comes. He looks her via his camera. A romantic song plays in the background. She asks to click his pic. He stares at her face. She asks if she is not pretty. He clicks pics. She checks camera and smiles. Her friend comes and tells Sameer 2 wants to meet her. She says she will meet even Rahul and walks with Sameer.

Our Perfect Place thursday 21 May 2020 update zee world Niranjan meets Shree/Tanu and starts crying and tells her what all he did, he says he cannot stay away from his children and does not know if Rita will forgive him. Shree says he should tell truth to Rita, though she may get hurt she will forgive him.

Maya and her boyfriend pack bags to run away from rented flat. Their argument start and they spill out what all they did to try to loot Niranjan, but could not. Boyfriend says she could not harm Niranjan at all. Maya sends her intimacy video with Niranjan to Rita and laughs that Niranjan’s married life is gone now.

Our Perfect Place zee world Rita calls her fashion designer friend and speaks excitedly. Friend says she looks very happy. Rita thanks her for referring her to Shree, she got back Niranjan after Shree’s counseling. She gets Maya’s call and shatters seeing Niranjan and Maya’s intimate video.


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