Perfect Husband 19 November 2021: The Episode starts with Vidhi thinking I have made Pushkar upset. She makes a surprise for him. Pushkar comes to the room. Vidhi asks him to drink milk. She says I have made you upset, but I know to convince you. He asks how. She says by completing the incomplete thing in our relationship. He says you know why I called Kasturi. She says you want my tiredness to end. He says you are very smart. She says yes, but I m an idiot in front of you, I didn’t get such a massage before but now I understood, the distance between us, maybe you want to end it. He holds her. He lifts her and puts her on the bed. He says your feet are hurt, I called Kasturi for you, you refused, you never value my efforts, this is imp for you, why are you in hurry for suhaagraat.

She gets shocked. He says I know what you want, what you think, your likes and dislikes, but you never tried to know my heart, you think our relation will die without this. She says no, I wanted to take our relation ahead. He says you refused to Kasturi. She says I wanted to say sorry to her, I don’t like any stranger touching me. He says Kasturi didn’t feel bad, she explained to me that you are uncomfortable. He covers her up and says you really need rest, we can take our relation ahead any time, you don’t need to worry about this, Kasturi will arrange an ayurvedic massage for you, it will relieve your body and heart. He goes.

It’s the morning, Meera meets Vidhi and says maybe you refused to Kasturi as you are uncomfortable, Kasturi handles big physio cases, you will also become her fan. Vidhi says I know Pushkar worries for me a lot, he does everything for my happiness, I m getting this massage done for him, I want to do something special for him. Meera praises her. Vidhi says suggest me something that pleases him, it will be my first wife, he will come closer to me like his gifts are special, my gift should be also special, I have no idea, help me. Meera says sure, let’s think, candlelight dinner will be good, we can plan this together. She tells the plan. Vidhi thanks Meera and hugs.

Charu says if your conversation is over, Vidhi go for a massage. Vidhi goes for massage for Pushkar’s sake. She calls Nivedita. Maasa calls out Bela. Vidhi hears Maasa shouting to Bela. She asks what happened there. Nivedita says no, Bela wants her fav dish in food, I will explain to her, I will talk later. Bela does hunger strike. Maasa says you can’t meet Rangeela. Rangeela says I can’t sit like this, Bela isn’t having food, I ruined life for Vidhi, Bela loves me, she stood by me. His friend agrees. Rangeela says I will get my Bela from here.

Ashwin says Bela is a fool, she is my sister, she wants to go away. Nivedita says she is immature. Ashwin says I don’t know what to do. Nivedita says Vidhi can explain Bela. He says no, it’s useless to explain a fool, Pushkar knows this already, it’s not good to inform Vidhi. Vidhi comes to Kasturi and apologizes. Kasturi asks her to change clothes and not be hesitant. Vidhi goes to change. Kasturi says this ayurvedic massage is for the newlywed bride, you will know the miracle, don’t have any hesitance in your heart. Pushkar waits outside. He thinks I will be free of this confusion, is Vidhi pure or not.

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