Perfect Husband 22 November 2021: The Episode starts Pushkar calls reception and asks for sending a female gymnast. He says Vidhi’s black secrets will come out, Kasturi failed in doing my work. how will Vidhi refuse this doctor, my work will be done and Vidhi won’t even know it? He laughs. The manager gets the male doctor. He says sorry, I couldn’t contact any female doctor. Pushkar says male doctor can’t check my wife. He scolds the doctor. The doctor calls him mad. The manager says sorry, I know Pushkar, I didn’t see such behavior before. Pushkar breaks things in anger and says I m fed up, my plan is failing again and again. It’s morning, Vidhi wakes up and looks for Pushkar.

She gets shocked when her dance video plays on screen. Pushkar laughs. She asks when did I do this, I don’t remember. He says I recorded this on my mobile, relax, you danced so freely. Vidhi says stop this please, delete it for my sake, don’t show it to anyone, you should have stopped me. He says how I promised you at the time of marriage, I will give you freedom, you were not in senses. She says I had one drink on your saying. He says don’t take tension, I won’t say anyone that you made peg for yourself, you were happy celebrating and trying something new, why would I stop her, I m not that kind of husband who limits wife.

She says what did I do, it’s good you didn’t take me home, what would mum feel. She promises she won’t touch wine again. He asks her to go and get ready. He thinks Charu would have told everyone about this, it will be fun, wine is an amazing thing, it spoils or makes things. They come home. Vidhi asks what will we tell them. Pushkar says relax, no need to say something, everyone understands, we are newlyweds, come.

Charu taunts Vidhi. She asks about drinking wine. Vidhi gets tense to answer. She apologizes. Charu scolds her for ruining their respect. Rajshri asks them to get Mehendi applied for karwachauth, have Sargi in the morning, explain Vidhi also. Charu says I know everything. Rajshri goes to her room. Vidhi goes to apologize to Rajshri. Rajshri says I didn’t expect this from you, you are given freedom and respect, I can’t tolerate if you misuse this freedom. Vidhi says I never touched wine, I went for candlelight dinner, I didn’t know this will happen, we met a couple, I refused to them, but they requested. Rajshri asks did Pushkar not stop you, say the truth.

Vidhi says I had drunk some on Pushkar’s request. Rajshri gets shocked. Vidhi says I had to drink to keep Pushkar’s heart, he didn’t know that I will get drunk, he did this to celebrate, I know it’s my mistake, I will not touch wine again, trust me. Rajshri says I trust you, I m forgiving your mistake. Vidhi hugs and thanks to her. She says I promise I won’t do anything that spoils the family name. Rajshri says you are not bahu, but my daughter. Pushkar smiles thinking of Vidhi. Rajshri goes and scolds Pushkar.

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