Perfect Husband 20 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rajshri praising Pushkar and feeling proud of him. He says I called Kasturi for you all, not just Vidhi. She asks why did you worry when Vidhi refused. He says I thought she will be excited but… She says your problem is solved, she is getting the massage done, I was thinking to keep a PA to lessen work. He says your stress will end. She asks do you know someone. She recalls Charu’s words and says you should plan your honeymoon, book tickets early. He says sure. He thinks until I know Vidhi’s purity, I can’t go on honeymoon with her.

Kasturi asks Vidhi to lie down and not be shy. She starts the massage. Pushkar waits outside and hears Kasturi’s voice. Kasturi asks Vidhi to lie calm. Vidhi feels uncomfortable. Charu asks how did Vidhi agree so soon. Randhir says this is called love. Vidhi shouts no…. Everyone hears her. Vidhi comes downstairs and says I don’t want to get a massage, I feel dizzy. Pushkar holds her. Rajshri asks what happened. Kasturi comes and says Vidhi isn’t habitual to this, she got scared, once the massage happens, she will get relief.

Charu asks what problem can she have with massage, maybe she didn’t like Pushkar’s gift. Rajshri says don’t force her. Pushkar says yes, mum is right. Kasturi goes. Rajshri asks Meera to take Vidhi to the room. Kasturi says Vidhi is very shy, she was in her senses. Pushkar says our work didn’t happen, we can’t try again, there was much drama. Kasturi says sorry. He asks her to keep money, but none should know this secret. She agrees and goes.

It’s morning, Vidhi wakes up. Meera says I will cancel the candlelight dinner. Vidhi says no, I made Pushkar upset. Meera says he asked me to take care of you, his annoyance will end. Vidhi thanks her. Meera says I m your best friend, you can’t have any trouble. She hugs Vidhi and asks her to get ready. Meera calls the restaurant to confirm things. She sees Pushkar. He asks whom are you talking to. She says sorry, it’s top secret, you are married now, don’t spend all your time in business. She goes. He says I have no time to think, Kasturi also failed, I have to find a new way.

Vidhi comes to Rajshri. Rajshri says don’t say sorry, it’s fine if you didn’t like massage, I want you and Pushkar to plan a honeymoon, I spoke to Pushkar also. Vidhi agrees and says I planned a candlelight dinner for Pushkar. Rajshri says it’s a great thing, you surprised me also, he will like it. Vidhi says Karwachauth is coming, I will need your help. Rajshri says leave that on me, all the best for today. Vidhi gets ready and says I will surprise Pushkar today.

Pushkar comes and sees Vidhi smiling. She asks how do I look. He says nice, what’s the plan. She says it’s special, get ready and come with me. He says I m sorry, I don’t want to go out. She says please come for my sake. He agrees. She goes. He thinks who can know better to use this chance. Pushkar and Vidhi come to the restaurant. He likes her surprise and says I m impressed, how did you know about my fav restaurant. She says Meera told me. He thanks her.

She sees a couple and smiles. Pushkar holds her hand. She smiles. He asks her to have champagne, every celebration is incomplete without it. She says but I never had it. He asks her to try a new thing for his sake. He asks the waiter to get milk for them. She smiles and says fine, I will drink some, I can’t say no to you. He asks the couple to join them. He serves drinks to them. Vidhi feels tense. They drink. She also drinks.

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