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Perfect Husband 30 October 2021: The Episode starts with Urvashi coming to Pushkar and confronting him for sending a snake to her house. Pushkar denies the blame. She says I thought you will accept this like a real man. He asks her not to come in his way again. He goes. She says you are not like you appear, I will play the next game, people should know your other face. 

Vidhi thinks positively about Pushkar and smiles. Urvashi thinks I will tell Vidhi about Pushkar’s truth. Vidhi says you are a perfect husband. Urvashi says you are a perfect villain. Pushkar asks why didn’t sleep. Rajshri says where did you go.

Pushkar says stop taking my tension now, I have grown up, sorry, I should have not told you about breaking the alliance, I get angry about such things, I went to meet Vidhi and say sorry, I forgot you are waiting for me. She pulls his leg and laughs. She says I m proud of you.

It’s morning, Nivedita prays for Vidhi’s happiness, that marriage should happen well. Ashwin makes calls for arrangements. Maasa says I will check the guest list once. They drink tea. Ashwin thinks it’s good Maasa’s heart changed. Rajshri says I will call Vidhi for shopping. She calls Vidhi. Vidhi attends the call and tells them about Rajshri.

Maasa scolds Bela and acts well. Servant says some NGO women have come to take cheques. Rajshri says I have work today, we will finish shopping today. Urvashi comes to offer help. She says I will do makeup for Pushkar’s bride. Meera says Vidhi doesn’t need makeup, she is a natural beauty, Pushkar doesn’t like makeup. Pushkar goes. Urvashi thinks to do something. Maasa asks Bela not to spoil the game. Bela says your plan isn’t working, I m jealous of Vidhi. Maasa asks her to go with Vidhi, she will find some way.

Rangeela confronts Maasa. Maasa says I will get you married to Vidhi even now. He says forgive me. She stops him and says I know your dream is to marry Vidhi. He comes in her words again. She asks him to keep the phone on. Vidhi and Bela meet Rajshri and Meera. Meera teases Vidhi. Pushkar comes. Urvashi follows. Pushkar sees Urvashi and gets shocked.

Rajshri introduces Urvashi to Vidhi. They go in. Pushkar says I know why you have come here, stay away from my family. Urvashi says I told you I will enjoy knowing you, Vidhi is a nice girl. He says stay away from her. She says we will know each other, and then she will know you. He says don’t try to be smart with me. She goes inside the shop. Pushkar follows and stops Urvashi. Urvashi says Vidhi, I wanted to tell you something, Pushkar and I…..

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