Perfect Husband 6 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar helping Nivedita in cooking and impressing her. Nivedita praises him. Bela looks on and thinks he is the perfect husband. Pushkar serves food to Maasa. Maasa asks Bela to give halwa to Pushkar. Bela serves a lot and smiles. He says it’s enough. Nivedita says Vidhi can’t come out, I will give her food in the room. Pushkar says don’t take all credit alone. Nivedita says yes, I will tell her. 

Meera says I had many questions about Vidhi, but I m happy now, I will get a good friend. Rajshri says the good thing is Pushkar likes Vidhi. Randhir asks where is Pushkar. Rajshri says Pushkar is at Ashwin’s place. Charu asks what, how did he stay there. Randhir says they made him Ghar Jamai. Rajshri asks how would they send him in bad weather. Charu says we have to do haldi also. Vidhi writes P in her mehendi. She clicks pic and sends it to Pushkar. Nivedita says your Mehendi is dark, it means Pushkar loves you. He records an audio message and sends her. Vidhi smiles hearing it. She also passes messages to him. He smiles hearing it. They have a chat.

Ashwin does preparations with an injured hand. He helps Pushkar. Ashwin asks him to leave for rasams. Pushkar says your hand is hurt, I will go in some time. Maasa tells Nivedita how to make haldi paste. Bela asks why is this special. Maasa says Haldi makes body and mind pure. Pushkar sees Suman. He tries to act well. Suman thanks Pushkar for saving her life. He says you are Vidhi’s best friend, you got worried for no reason. She says I know, maybe you were angry, I understood you now, I have no doubt now, I have to go for haldi rasam. He fixes the tent. Nivedita asks him to go home. He says I m going. She says Vidhi’s haldi will happen, make sure no man comes here. Ashwin asks everyone to come out. Vidhi comes for haldi. Ashwin is on call. Pushkar thinks just I can see you in these clothes, not anyone else, not even Ashwin.

He opens the tent rope and makes it fall over Vidhi and Nivedita. Everyone shouts. Haldi falls down. Nivedita says its abshagun. Vidhi asks her not to worry. Maasa asks the girls to lift the tent. They take Vidhi inside. Pushkar comes home. Vidhi’s haldi is done. Nivedita gets emotional and misses mum. Vidhi says you are also like mum. Suman teases Vidhi. Everyone applies haldi to Vidhi. Rajshri applies haldi to Pushkar and blesses. Maasa applies haldi to Bela by excuse. Vidhi looks on.

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