Perfect Husband 21 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar thinking candlelight dinner wasn’t bad for us. He talks to the couple. Vidhi drinks champagne. She says no cheating, you just said one glass, enough now. The man asks her to have more. 

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Pushkar says it’s okay if you don’t like it, I will just come. He goes to the waiter and bribes him to make an orange mocktail a cocktail drink. He sees Vidhi talking. He says this drink will do my work, which Kasturi couldn’t, I will find out if you are pure or not. The couple goes dancing. Pushkar sees Vidhi. She drinks the juice and gets one more glass. She feels dizzy. Pushkar comes to her. She smiles and compliments him. He says I think you are getting intoxicated of my love. She says you are getting romantic today. He says it’s all because of your good surprise.

She says you look much smart today. She hugs him. The man asks them to come for a dance. Vidhi says come for my sake. Pushkar asks her to have juice. She drinks it. They go for a dance. Miley ho tum humko…plays…. The man asks Vidhi to come for a selfie. Pushkar looks on and gets angry. Vidhi sees Pushkar away and goes to him. She asks what happened. He says I felt your focus is not on me. She says wrong, I have all my attention on you, I want to go washroom now. The lady takes her. The man irritates Pushkar. Pushkar says so you are scared of water, we didn’t take any selfies together, we will go there for good background. The man says don’t ask me to get in the pool, I don’t even know swimming. Pushkar says don’t worry, I won’t let you fall, come, you like to take selfies holding my wife, go sink and die. He pushes the man into the swimming pool. The man shouts for help. Pushkar saves the man when the hotel staff comes. He asks are you fine. The manager says thank God you saved him, you helped us. Pushkar says no, we were enjoying ourselves together, I think he got excited after having wine. He warns the man.

The lady and Vidhi come. The lady asks what happened, are you fine. Pushkar says he slipped and fell in a pool. The manager praises Pushkar. Lady thanks Pushkar. The man says we should leave now. They leave. Vidhi laughs and dances on Bareilly wale jhumke….. Pushkar thinks this time my plan won’t fail, it’s a good chance to know if she is pure or not. He shoots her dance video. She falls in his arms and smiles. He says I think we should leave now. She says no, the party just started, you look very smart today. Pushkar asks the manager to arrange a room for them, they are staying here tonight. Ashwin and Maasa scold Rangeela. Rangeela says I want my wife. Ashwin gets angry and goes. Maasa beats Rangeela.

Pushkar takes Vidhi to the room. He calls up Charu to inform him that they will stay back in a hotel tonight. She hears Vidhi singing and asks but why, did Vidhi get drunk. He says yes, just don’t tell this to mom. She says fine, I won’t tell anyone. He thanks her. He ends the call and smiles. He says I know Charu will do this when I asked her not to do it, I really want this, everyone will be against Vidhi, she won’t be able to forget this. Charu tells everyone that Vidhi will stay in the hotel today. Rajshri says that’s okay. Charu says Vidhi got drunk, she is not in senses, I heard her, she was singing on phone, its bad habit. Rajshri and Meera get shocked.

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