Perfect Husband 7 November 2021: The Episode starts with everyone laughing at Pushkar’s mischief in Haldi. Charu dances. Vidhi thinks of everyone and gets sad. She sees a pen gifted by Ashwin. She sees her laptop. She recalls Ashwin. She goes to Ashwin and gets emotional. She says I will miss you. She hugs Ashwin and Nivedita. He says you got a family as we wanted. Vidhi says I know, but I m feeling sad to go away from this house. Nivedita consoles her. 

Rajshri gets sad seeing her mangalsutra. Charu comes to borrow a broach. She asks won’t you wear mangalsutra today. Rajshri says we have to keep relations. Charu says this maybe not be imp to Pushkar, but you are incomplete without mangalsutra. Rajshri says it’s my son’s marriage today, I don’t want to disturb him today.

Maasa takes Bela with her and says you will marry Pushkar. She tells her plan. Bela asks for some food. Maasa holds her head. Vidhi asks why did we come here. Nivedita says Rajshri has done arrangements here. Randhir asks if they have any problems. Nivedita says nothing. Randhir says we have to maintain standards.

Ashwin says yes. Randhir says we have arranged rooms for you with full facilities, come and see mandap. Ashwin thanks him. Nivedita asks Vidhi why is she upset. Vidhi says I feel nervous. Nivedita says this happens, think of Pushkar, you will get busy in the family. Pushkar comes to Badri and scolds him.

He says who can do this against me, Urvashi, you, or Bhairav, I think it’s time for his permanent retirement. Rajshri calls out Pushkar. Badri hides. Pushkar says I m doing exercise. Rajshri asks him to get ready. He says I will just come. Badri recalls leaving clues for Vidhi. Rajshri does puja and blesses Pushkar. They compliment each other. Maasa spikes the juice to faint Vidhi. She thinks my hard work will pay off now. Vidhi gets ready.

Nivedita compliments her. Vidhi says you also look good. Maasa gets juice for Vidhi and compliments her. She asks Nivedita to go and attend baraat. She asks Vidhi to drink juice. Vidhi asks her to call Bela. Maasa agrees. Ashwin says where did Bela go. He welcomes baraat and says Pushkar should have come with you.

Rajshri says he would become. Vidhi prays and gets happy. Bhairav says Pushkar’s car didn’t reach. Meera says his phone is also switched off. Charu says did he change his mind. Vidhi looks on.

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