Perfect Husband 18 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar and Rajshri introducing masseur Kasturi to Vidhi. Kasturi greets Vidhi. Meera says Pushkar is a master in giving surprises. Charu asks Kasturi to start the massages with her, as she got much responsibility in marriage. Rajshri says yes, you did much work. Meera says but I should get the first massage.

Pushkar says please relax, Kasturi has just come, I think Vidhi should get the first chance, who doesn’t know about Kasturi’s talents. Vidhi says sorry, I mean I didn’t get this done before, I m fine, I don’t want the massage. Meera says Pushkar thought much for you, massage is a common thing, its nothing wrong, you would get relief, we all respect Kasturi. Vidhi says I also respect her a lot. Meera says I think Pushkar is upset.

Vidhi says I will apologize to Pushkar. She smiles. Rangeela writes a love letter for Bela. He makes a paper plane and throws it. Bela reads the letter and comes out. She sees his sweet arrangements. He says we will start out love story, come. Bela says I really liked your hard work. He says I can do anything for you. Maasa and Ashwin see them and get angry at Bela. Bela says no one thinks for me, everyone thinks of their respect. Ashwin scolds Bela and Rangeela.

Rangeela says we are adults, I will go, but I will make Bela with me. Rangeela argues with Maasa. Kasturi massages Charu’s back. Charu praises her. Kasturi recalls Pushkar’s words. They talk about Vidhi. Kasturi says Vidhi is hesitant for touch, you understand. Charu says why didn’t I understand this before. She thinks my doubt was right, nothing happened between Pushkar and Vidhi.

Charu goes to Rajshri and says I had a doubt on Vidhi, she refused to Pushkar. Rajshri says Vidhi doesn’t like massage. Charu says you are innocent, keep eyes and ears open, Vidhi and Pushkar didn’t have a husband and wife relation. Rajshri laughs. She says it’s not their love marriage, they will give time to each other, their relation will get complete with time, I m happy that you also care for them. Kasturi says Vidhi is shy, I feel she is pure like you want. Pushkar says I want to prove. She says she didn’t let me massage her. He says you should stay back tonight, till then I will convince Vidhi. She agrees.

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