Perfect Husband 4 November 2021: The Episode starts with Suman thinking of Pushkar. He catches her and asks what happened, why are you afraid, your face shows you have heard and seen something. She gets scared. Vidhi comes for ritual. Pushkar sees the building edge. Suman comes back. Rajshri asks Randhir to see where is Pushkar. Nivedita compliments Vidhi and hugs. Vidhi asks where is Suman. Meera says she went out, are you finding Pushkar. Vidhi smiles and goes. Meera says Vidhi didn’t wear Pushkar’s gifted dress. Suman is about to fall. Pushkar holds her hand. Vidhi calls her out. Pushkar hears her. Vidhi gets shocked seeing them.

Pushkar asks Suman to give her a hand. He acts to save her. He asks did he get hurt. Vidhi asks how did you come here. Pushkar says let her relax, we shall take her and feed their water. He stares at Suman. Vidhi makes Suman sit. Everyone asks what happened. Vidhi says Pushkar saved Suman in time. Suman’s dad thanks him. Pushkar says it’s fine. Vidhi smiles. Ashwin also thanks to him. Suman gets tense and says mum called, I was going to give medicines. Her dad says be here, I went and give her medicines. Urvashi thinks Pushkar is very smart, there is no use to stay here. She leaves. Vidhi thanks Pushkar. He sees her dress and gets angry. He takes a scissor to cut the dupatta.

Vidhi turns to him. He hides the scissor. He says you said now we will share everything, I understood, now you have to understand. He goes. She gets puzzled and goes to him. She asks what are you saying. He says I gave you a dress for Sangeet, you didn’t wear it. She says I thought it’s for marriage, it’s a costly dress. He says the gift’s price shouldn’t be seen, you have hurt me again, you have worn this dress. She says no, I have a relation with this dress, it’s my mum’s bridal dress, she wanted me to wear this in my marriage, today wearing this I feel like mum is here, with me. He holds a dupatta to cut. She turns to him and says sorry, I didn’t know you gave that dress for sangeet, next time I will wear it, fine. He agrees. Girls tease them. He also jokes. The girls ask them to dance.

He thinks my feelings don’t matter to her, she has to give me a priority and respect my feelings, I don’t care if that’s her mom’s dress. Maasa scolds Rangeela. They argue. Rajshri gives the bridal dress to Vidhi. She says a bridal dress is most imp to a girl. Vidhi says I already have a dress, I have worn mum’s bridal dress today to keep the respect of her word, sorry I didn’t wear your given dress.

Rajshri says it’s fine, you can wear it anytime. Vidhi says I will try my best to not give you chance to complain. Bela stares at the dress. Maasa says I didn’t know they will get another dress, forget it, get such dress. Rangeela says I already spent money, this looks more costly. She says just do as I say. He says my dad will beat me. Bela dances in sangeet on Pallo latke….. Meera dances along.

Meera says we have danced, now mom will dance and Vidhi will decide the song. Rajshri dances on Gori hai kalaiyaan….. Vidhi dances with Rajshri. They hug and smile.

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