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Perfect Husband 2 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar saving the Mehendi bowl. Urvashi says sorry, I m so excited that I forgot everything. Pushkar takes some Mehendi and gives a bowl to the servant. Urvashi says I will also come in Mehendi, I m a neighbor and have the right to. She goes. 

Urvashi applies Mehendi to his hand and smiles. Servant gives shagun Mehendi to Badri. He asks him not to make any mistakes. Badri takes Mehendi.

Ashwin checks arrangements. Bela says Maasa has gone to the temple. Maasa hides and meets Rangeela. He says I got the dress, why did you call me to meet, you could have talked on the phone. He says there is Mehendi and sangeet, Pushkar’s shagun Mehendi will come for Vidhi, prepare other Mehendi and change it, so that your name’s Mehendi comes for Vidhi. He says fine, what will happen then. She says just do this, then I will say, you will marry Vidhi. She goes and thinks Bela will get Pushkar’s name Mehendi.

Maasa comes home. Ashwin asks where did you go. Bela signs temple. She says Maasa went temple. Maasa says yes, I went to pray. Nivedita says but you didn’t get prasad. Maasa says I forgot. She asks Bela to do as she tells her. Bela agrees.

Badri gets mehendi for Vidhi. Rangeela looks on. He tries to make Mehendi fall. Badri gives the Mehendi. Ashwin thanks him. Badri goes. Rangeela greets Ashwin. Ashwin scolds him. Rangeela apologizes. He asks for one chance. Ashwin forgives him. Rangeela goes to change mehendi. Nivedita takes Mehendi tray. Pushkar and Urvashi’s pic falls there. Maasa comes and asks Rangeela, did you change Mehendi. He says listen. Maasa takes his Mehendi bowl and goes. He says I couldn’t change it. Vidhi gets mehendi on her hands. Maasa asks Bela to apply mehendi. Bela says I m scared, what will happen if we cheat. Maasa says don’t worry, just do what I say.

Ashwin gets shocked seeing Pushkar and Urvashi’s pic. The girls dance. Vidhi laughs. Rangeela signs Maasa and says I tried my best, I couldn’t change Mehendi. Maasa scolds him and goes. She says Vidhi has Pushkar’s Mehendi. Bela gets angry. She goes to Vidhi and stops her Mehendi. She leaves. Nivedita asks Vidhi to get her Mehendi. She asks Ashwin why is he worried. He says nothing, I m tired. She says this time nothing wrong will happen. He says yes, go and apply Mehendi. He sees the pic and thinks what shall I do, Vidhi looks so happy, I can’t do the same mistake of choosing the wrong guy for her, show me some way. Vidhi goes to get ready.

Everyone comes to Vidhi’s house for the sangeet. Ashwin stops them. They get shocked. He gives pic to Pushkar and asks him to give an answer for it. Everyone gets shocked.

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