Perfect Husband 9 November 2021: Vidhi getting glad to see Pushkar. Vidhi says I m fine, where did you go, I was so worried. Pushkar says so many things came in between, so I went to pray for our relationship when I came back, I heard you are missing, I got your share of scoldings too, I went to the temple, but where did you go. Vidhi says I went to find you, I was scared. Pushkar says your belief is so weak and broke in an hour, you thought I m also going to do the same thing.

Rajshri stops him. Pushkar asks does Vidhi not trust me, such incidents will happen in life, will she doubt me all the time, she has to understand that I can’t do wrong with her, the person who doesn’t respect a woman and doesn’t keep a promise isn’t a real Rajput. He asks Ashwin and Nivedita didn’t believe him. He says just mom believed me, she knows I don’t leave anything incomplete. Ashwin says no, we were worried for you. Rajshri says I know this situation. Charu says this happened before too. Vidhi says yes, we had this fear in my heart, so I left in hurry. Rajshri says it’s none’s mistake, it’s good that Vidhi and Pushkar are here. Pushkar says I love Vidhi a lot. Everyone smiles.

Pushkar recalls intentionally coming late for marriage. He says I know Badri, you are tensed that we may get late, let everyone worry and wait, hero’s entry is always late, let Vidhi get fear that she may be left in mandap again, she will yearn for me, she will have my name, just I can save her respect, then my entry will happen, she will be thankful to me all life. FB ends. Pushkar says our relation is of two hearts, not just of sindoor and mangalsutra, I will never leave your hand. Everyone smiles. Vidhi says my belief will never break from now on.

Ashwin asks them to come in now. Maasa gets Vidhi and gives her a drink. Vidhi says I will wash my face and come. Maasa goes to see Rangeela’s friend. She asks them to kidnap Vidhi and take her to Rangeela. They go to the room and don’t see Vidhi. Maasa comes to Bela. She says Pushkar and Vidhi have returned, it’s time, are you ready. Bela says yes. Maasa asks her to put ghunghat and not lift it. Bela says I m thirsty. Maasa goes. Bela goes out to Vidhi’s room and drinks the juice. She leaves. Vidhi sees empty glass. Rangeela’s friends kidnap Bela.

Rangeela threatens pandit. His friend calls and says we are getting your Vidhi. Rangeela dances and asks him to come soon. Charu says there is a big drama, Pushkar is happy. She asks Pushkar why is he smiling. Pushkar says nothing special, people make houses, I have made respect. She asks what. Randhir says there is some secret behind the temple excuse. He praises Charu and asks her to help people. Pushkar says I have earned your belief, I saved your family respect too. He smiles.

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