Perfect Husband 1 December 2021: The Episode starts with Vidhi getting Pushkar home and doing his aid. She does Karwachauth rituals and breaks her fast. She goes. Pushkar says my accident news got you back to me. Rajshri fulfills her fast. Meera comes and says I can’t believe this, you have hopes from that man, you have hurt me and Pushkar a lot. She argues with Rajshri.

Pushkar tries to talk to Vidhi. She stays upset with him. She requests him to leave her alone. Pushkar goes. She thinks I will not return to him, I have to keep my self-esteem. In its morning, Pushkar takes a disguise of the driver. He meets the doctor. He asks her to lie to Vidhi that he is innocent. She scolds him. He threatens her about her son. She agrees to do anything. He says mothers are great, they can do anything for children just do this last thing, I will not disturb you.

Pushkar comes home. He asks Vidhi to come along and meet someone. He asks her to decide whatever she wants. He takes Vidhi to meet the doctor. The doctor apologizes and says I have sent the wrong message, Pushkar is innocent, sorry for the trouble. Vidhi scolds her for ruining lives. She says you know this test is illegal, I can’t believe your apology, maybe you are saying this on Pushkar’s saying. He calls a man there. He asks the man to say the truth. The man says forgive me, Doctor was going to call me and say the truth, I didn’t have belief in my wife and did this. Vidhi scolds him for being so cheap.

Pushkar also scolds the man and does a drama. He says my wife left me and went to her Maayka, you would have ruined my life. Vidhi asks him to let them go. Pushkar thanks the doctor and offers her help. She says I will pray that we won’t meet again. The man asks how did you like my acting. Pushkar asks him to get lost. He says I have kept evidence, I have to see how this affects Vidhi, I hate suspense.

Vidhi apologized to Pushkar. She says you didn’t leave me when I misunderstood you. He says anger for anger, insult for insult, this isn’t our relation. She says I hate myself, you kept this relation. He says we are humans, it’s our nature to do mistakes, we have to wipe off this mistake and make a new start.

She says your heart is really big, you have forgiven me. He says who told you this, I will punish you, you don’t have to say this to anyone, and always trust me, this is a punishment given to dear ones. She says I will never leave you again. They hug. He says I will do your Grah Pravesh once again. She agrees. Nivedita says don’t know where did Pushkar and Vidhi go. Ashwin asks her not to worry. Maasa says there is surely something between them. Pushkar says nothing happened, just bless us that we stay happy, Vidhi got married but her relation didn’t break with this house. Ashwin agrees. Pushkar says we went to the temple to thank Lord for your big happiness, Vidhi and I just have love between us. Maasa nods. Nivedita asks them to make their relation strong. Pushkar messages Badri.

Perfect Husband update Wednesday 1st December 2021: He says Vidhi you made me out of the house at night, I will welcome you home. Maasa asks Vidhi to promise, she won’t return to them again. She says Ashwin and Nivedita never had a child until now for raising you well, they got this happiness now, the truth is bitter, they will not tell this to you, Nivedita shouldn’t get any tension, we are poor but we made your palace dreams true, leave us now, go and manage your family. Vidhi says I understand, I promise I will never come here with my problems, you all did a lot for me, you also have a right to stay happy. Maasa says I knew you will understand me, stay happy. She hugs Vidhi. Pushkar looks on and gets happy. Rajshri refuses to have food. Meera gets food for her. They argue. Meera says you should have not kept fast for that man. Rajshri says I wish a woman was just a woman, but she has many relations to keep.

Meera says one-sided relation just hurts, nothing else. Rajshri says even mum expects respect from children, but she doesn’t get respect from all children, that man is my husband. Meera says if Pushkar does such a mistake, what will you do, will you support him. Rajshri says Pushkar can’t torture anyone, I trust him a lot. She scolds Meera. Charu comes and taunts Vidhi. She asks Rajshri not to spoil Vidhi. Pushkar gets Vidhi home. She smiles seeing the Grah Pravesh things.

Pushkar asks her what is she thinking, come. She puts her feet in the red-colored water. She gets hurt. He smiles. He sees the glass piercing in her foot. He helps her. He recalls Badri adding the glass. He shouts to Badri. She says leave it, don’t scold anyone, it’s my mistake, I didn’t trust you so Lord is punishing me. He does a drama. She bears the pain and does Grah Pravesh. Charu taunts her. She says Rajshri trusts you a lot, you have no feelings for her. Vidhi says I have to apologize to Rajshri.

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