Perfect Husband 10 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rangeela’s friends taking Bela to Rangeela. Rangeela holds her and thinks how did Vidhi get so heavy. Maasa thinks Rangeela shouldn’t do any mistakes. She gets Rangeela’s call and asks him to marry Vidhi. Maasa thinks Bela has gone to mandap. She goes to Vidhi and says I m very happy today. Suman jokes on Vidhi’s ghunghat. Maasa stops Suman and asks them to take Vidhi to mandap. She thinks Pushkar will become of Bela. Everyone smiles.

Pushkar and Vidhi exchange garlands. Pushkar says you are going to get bonded in relation to births with me. They do rituals. Maasa thinks Bela’s dream got fulfilled. Pandit says you kidnapped girl, I won’t make you do this marriage. Rangeela threatens him. Ashwin says I will go and see Bela.

Meera does ghatbandhan. Maasa says she is in the room, she will come. Pushkar and Vidhi take wedding rounds and take different vows. Rangeela tries to lift Bela. He says I will lift her ghunghat at suhaagraat. He lifts Bela to take rounds. He rushes to complete rounds. His friends say just one round more. They clap for Rangeela and say your marriage happened. They take selfies. Rangeela falls down. Pushkar makes vidhi wear mangalsutra. Everyone claps.

Pandit asks Pushkar to fill sindoor in the bride’s maang. Pushkar stops and says to express love and to keep heart relation, just sindoor isn’t enough. Everyone looks on. Pushkar gets his sword. They all get worried. Pushkar cuts his thumb and signs Meera. Meera lifts Vidhi’s ghunghat. Rangeela lifts Bela’s ghunghat. Maasa and Rangeela get shocked. Maasa thinks where did Bela go. Rangeela says Maasa ruined my life. Pushkar says my blood’s red color is denser than sindoor’s red color, it will prove that all your dreams and happiness are my responsibility, I promise. He fills Vidhi’s maang with his blood. Everyone smiles and claps. Rajshri blesses them.

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