Perfect Husband 24 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar informing Rajshri about Vidhi’s accident. He says I got her to the doctor for a complete body check-up, I don’t want to take any risk. Rajshri asks him to look after Vidhi well. Doctor checks Vidhi. Pushkar waits outside. The doctor says don’t worry, your honeymoon won’t spoil, there is no internal wound, you can go and change. The doctor comes out. Pushkar asks what’s the report. Doctor says your wife… Vidhi comes and asks what happened. He says nothing, I was asking the doctor about you. She says I m fine. He asks the doctor about reporters.

The nurse calls Doctor. He asks the doctor to send him reports on his number. He says your staff is cooperative like you, I will pay cash at the counter. He takes Vidhi and goes. Doctor worries.

Pushkar gets Vidhi home. Everyone worries for her. Vidhi gets mehendi applied. Pushkar takes her to the room and asks her not to have Mehendi applied, she is hurt. She says every suhaagan keeps fast for her husband, let me do my duty. He thinks the relation’s decision depends on the doctor’s reports. He checks his phone. She asks what happened, why do you look worried, we couldn’t go on shopping because of me. He says I m worried for you. He asks her to rest. She sleeps.

Pushkar waits for the doctor’s message. He messages her to send reports. He calls the doctor. She doesn’t answer. Ladies eat sargi. Pushkar joins them. Charu says sargi is not for men, Vidhi is keeping the fast. Pushkar acts good and says if Vidhi can keep fast for me, can I keep fast for her. Vidhi smiles. Rajshri says my son is the perfect husband.

Ashwin feeds Nivedita. Bela looks on. Rangeela gets sargi for Bela and feeds her. They romance. She gets happy. He says we shouldn’t care for others, we have to pass this test. She agrees.

Pushkar messages the doctor again to threaten her. Meera takes his phone to check. He worries.

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