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Perfect Husband 3 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar saying it’s not right to question me this way. Ashwin says my dilemma is bigger than yours. Pushkar says Vidhi got pics first, I cleared her doubts and now you have come. Ashwin asks what pics. Nivedita tells about pics and messages regarding Pushkar. Suman hears this and goes to Vidhi. 

Ashwin says you didn’t tell me anything, who is against this marriage. Rajshri says I understand. Pushkar says you don’t need to clarify, marriage is based on trust, they have to decide if they trust us or not. Charu and Randhir argue. Pushkar says I won’t clarify, since you can doubt me again by any other pic and video, if you don’t trust me, it’s better that we return. Rangeela gets glad. Pushkar asks Rajshri to come. Vidhi stops them.

Ashwin shows pic and says I want to know the truth, we can’t ignore this pic. Vidhi gets shocked seeing the pic. She says this pic is false, Pushkar has told me everything about this before, this is Urvashi, no one likes her, but Urvashi is trying to enter her life, I know he has no feeling for her, I trust him completely. Ashwin says you didn’t tell me anything, I was so worried. Vidhi says yes, someone is trying to ruin this. Ashwin says if you trust Pushkar, I trust your belief. He apologizes to Pushkar.

Vidhi says sorry. Pushkar thinks I never forgive, I will take revenge for this insult. Rajshri says it is fine. Pushkar holds Ashwin’s hand. He promises to keep Vidhi happy. Charu asks him not to trust any pics again. Ashwin promises. Vidhi goes to get ready.

Pushkar stops her. He holds her hand. She gets shy. She apologizes again. He says your Mehendi is beautiful. He shows his beauty with V written. She smiles. He asks about her lie. He says I never told you about Urvashi. She says I lied to fix the matter. He asks won’t you ask me. She says there are no questions where there is trust, I have seen you ignoring Urvashi and getting angry with her, I know you have no feelings for her. He says I didn’t know you were noticing me, I m impressed. Maasa calls her. She goes smiling. He smiles. Ashwin apologizes to Rajshri.

Rajshri asks him to forget it. Pushkar says I can’t forget this Badri, it’s because of Urvashi, who is this, who is sending them pics, is it Urvashi, find out. Badri nods. Urvashi comes. Pushkar gets angry seeing her. Pushkar lies to her and goes out. Meera says Vidhi will look good. Suman gets a call and says I have to go home and give medicine to mum. She goes. Pushkar catches Urvashi and scolds her. Suman hears him and goes to see him. She gets shocked seeing Pushkar. Urvashi says leave me, I was joking. Pushkar says your joke might be proved costly for you, Vidhi and her family are different, if you send any pic again, I will make your post. She says I didn’t do anything. He says I will kill you. Suman hides and gets scared. He hears the sound.

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